1. I would say capping the Madrid GP at 1900 played a part in this, as a lot of people flew in only to find out that they weren’t allowed to participate in the main event. To reconciliate, a PTQ was being arranged last minute for Sunday for the players not participating in the GP. Of course since it’s a franchise agreement organizing GP’s, it’s effectively Wizards’ responsibility to make sure everything runs smoothly.

  2. I was shocked to see this announcement but not surprised….I attended GP Madrid and it was less than ideal in terms of organization and process…glad to see wotc taking a proactive role in improving tournaments and t.o.’s..I was surprised to see they capped the event at 1900 (the Arena was huge) and could of easily fit many more, the organization was so cumbersome however I don’t think the staff could have handled it.
    For whatever reason (maybe it was the Madrid Arena) security was on high alert to ridiculous proportions….I half expected pat downs and scanners. They were directing internal traffic up and down the stairs…and Friday the postponed opening the doors for 2 hours leaving 1000 people in the wind and rain outside with bathrooms or reasons (talk about trying not to tilt ‘before’ the event even starts….Note- I have been to many GP’s in the past and this experience just showed how well TO’s like SCG/CFB and Cascade Games run their ships.

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