1. while you are throwing shorecrasher elemental in the bin, others are buying master of waves.
    those guys are so obvious together… you focus too much on the morphling that you forgot to check the advantage of triple blue and being an elemental.

    • While you are thinking of something snarky to say, others are reading the paragraph where I say

      “The one thing in its favor is that this gives you a LOT of devotion to blue on its own and pairing it with Master of Waves could be spicy. Here’s what the spikes on reddit are saying about the card. Read everything they say through “Magic Christmasland” tinted goggles.”

      It is so obvious that it should be paired with Master of Waves, I LITERALLY said so myself.

  2. I was disappointed that elder atarka can’t burn players, though I’m not sure exactly how much better that would actually make her

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