1. I actually think many of the “buddy lands” should see more play in modern as they are the ideal turn 2+ “dual land”, that being said, the color combination plays a HUGE role in if they’ll ever really become valuable. The worst offender is Clifftop Retreat. The only real homes I can see for it (currently) are U/W/r Control and R/w Burn (for boros charm). Your best bet for real gains is likely Woodland Cemetery as G/B is one of the stronger color combinations in modern (thanks largely to Abrupt Decay/Thoughtseize/Tarmogoyf), though it did come in the RTR:Golgari event deck as a 1 of. Now G/B is often paired with white so you might think that Isolated Chapel would also be a good bet, but it showed up as a 4 of in the Modern Event Deck which flooded the market with additional (un-wanted at the time) copies…the only saving grace on that reprinting, was that the modern event deck was such bad value that not nearly as many were opened as there could have been.

    • Great evaluation David.

      I think with these buddy lands, one has to match them in order to those of shocklands. In that sense, just like almost every other land in Magic history, I’d be looking at Blue “buddy lands” first and then the most popular in other colors. David is right on Cemetary, so that would be first right after the U “duals”.

      At the same time, These are always primed for reprint in almost any sealed product or upcoming sets. So I’d temper expectations. Unless Wizards doesn’t want easy color fixing, and doesn’t put these back through Standard and does something like the Scry lands again.

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