Stock Watch- Torrential Gearhulk

Don’t call it a comeback.

Torrential Gearhulk saw significant growth on Magic Online in the immediate wake of the bannings, and paper copies grew a few bucks in value leading up to the Columbus Open. The deck didn’t show up in the Top 8 of that event as much as the hype would lead one to believe, but the week one Open after Kaladesh was won by an aggressive deck as well. I think we all remember what the finals of that Pro Tour looked like.

Control decks simply take a bit more work and context to refine, and while Torrential Gearhulk’s performance last weekend has caused the card to stay on the low side of the $20 range, I expect it to see heavier play, more success, and a steep increase in demand in the coming weeks.

DeCandio’s week one deck was great, and the Jeskai Saheeli combo is strong, but I’m not seeing anything that a highly interactive Torrential Gearhulk deck couldn’t take to task. Metalwork Colossus did give me a beating at the Open, but the consensus seems to be that, minimally, those decks need a lot of work. I like Torrential Gearhulk’s spot, and could easily see dominating the Pro Tour and possibly next week’s Open. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see growth between 50-75% in the coming weeks.

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Ryan Overturf

Ryan Overturf

Ryan has been playing Magic since Legions and playing competitively since Lorwyn. While he fancies himself a Legacy specialist, you'll always find him with strong opinions on every constructed format.

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  1. Barnabas Boehler says

    I’m curious about where you see them for under $20, and why the Cardkingdom price says $17.99. I just added this to my wants list on Pucatrade and checked TCG–everyone is selling them for $23-$24

    • Ryan OverturfRyan Overturf says

      There is currently more than a playset on TCGP for $20 each shipped. The Cardkingdom price on the graphic seems to be lagging. Not sure what’s going on with that refreshing.

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