A Tale of Card Alters

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Whinston’s Whisdom returns with another installment for your every financial need! This week, I’ll do a quick rundown of some hot cards, as well as talk about pricing altered art cards.

(In my best newscaster voice)

While there aren’t too many cards to discuss today, the most important is Ranger of Eos. With every financial writer in existence recommending that their readers pick him up on MTGO, the price has more than double to 1.7 tickets apiece on MTGO. The train is well past on this, and I wouldn’t recommend buying into the hype. Other extended staples also saw similar gains, with Knight of the Reliquary jumping by about 30%, yet other cards in this category, such as Noble Hierarch and Path to Exile haven’t seen the same amount of increase, so that’s an option that is left to the reader to fully explore.

In other news, the complete spoiler of Masters Edition 4 was released, showing that the duallands are being reprinted. As such, sell yours now if you can still get a good price for them, but if not, hold onto them. Some other legacy and vintage staples are also present in the set, such as Sinkhole, Manabond, Channel, and others. Though Null Rod did spike before the full spoiler, most likely fueled by those speculating that the power 9 would be included in the set, I don’t see that price jump lasting for too long.

Looking into the world of Standard, Sword of Body and Mind has been rising, in response to GerryT’s article about Boros with Squadron Hawks. Having played Boros online, with a list very close to Gerry’s for over a month, I can tell you that the deck is quite good, especially for those unable to afford big papa Jace. Sword of Body and Mind plays a key role in the deck, allowing you to swing past Avenger of Zendikar and Friends, Primeval Titan, Sea Gate Oracle, Frost Titan, and Llanowar Elves, generating additional creatures in the process. The only time the milling has ever been relevant for me was against Dredgevine, where I was able to deck him in 3 hits. Other Scars of Mirrodin cards have not been so fortunate, with the majority of them slipping over the past week. Tunnel Ignus lost a third of its value, Darkslick Shores and Mimic Vat both fell by about 22% and the mythics Koth and Molten-Tail Masticore both continued their downward trajectory.

(end broadcast)

with the preliminaries taken care of, let’s move on to talking about a topic that’s relatively new for me: card alters.

Card alters consist of ordinary players, and sometimes official Magic artists, painting over cards to change their art, in several different ways. This, obviously, affects the card’s value. In today’s article, I’ll break down card alters into some distinct categories, and attempt to define the influence each category has on price.

Basic alters:

These alters are minimal. Often doing nothing more than expanding the card’s art over the card’s borders, they don’t interfere at all with the original work. I personally enjoy these simple alters, because of the way they remain true to the artist’s original vision, and don’t try and shift the focus in another way entirely. As a rule, these basic card alters will increase the price of a card, while not being too hard to trade away. Though most competitive players won’t have a use for them, serious Eternal and EDH players always want more. The only caveat is to insure that the alter is of a good quality, which is especially difficult when buying over Ebay. I bought around 5 alters on Ebay recently for my own personal decks, but unfortunately one was of such poor craftsmanship and artistic skill that I was forced to trade away. (Editor's note: Card Kitty, the website that provided the pics, was not the one who sold the cards to Noah) Just because it’s different, doesn’t mean it’s better. Learn to look at alters with a critical eye.

Shifted alters:

I define shifted alters as alters that take the focus of the piece in an entirely new direction. Whether it’s an overabundance of flowers on a Birds of Paradise or a shield-wall on a Wrath of God, these alters stem from a player trying to create their own work of art in place of that of the artist. Again, from my own personal opinion, I am very against these. If you want to paint Magic cards, get yourself some blank cardstock and paint, but don’t corrupt an artist’s produced image just because you want to express your own creativity. If your reasons are less noble than that, than it only goes for you more strongly.

Celebrity alters:

Alterations to a card done by Magic celebrities, be they pros, designers or artists. Here, the quality of the alter is less important than ever. As long as there is a notable difference on the card and it is signed by the celebrity, this should trade higher than normal card, not only because it appeals to the collector, but the Pro Tour fanboy as well.

Parody alters:

My least favorite type of alter, these alters take an existing work and turn it into a parody, painting it over with a culture symbol. I’ve seen Darth Vader Vampiric Tutors, and I’ve seen Superman Force of Wills. Each and every one of them is a travesty. Magic cards are works of art, not jokes. Ordinary men and women slave over these paintings to make the game more enjoyable for YOU. Even with shifted alters, at least part of the original work remains. But with parody alters, the author’s work can’t even be seen anymore, and while the pose or placement of the figures may be iconic, the work is no longer representative of the original artist, and instead mocks the hard work the artist put into it. Because of this personal feeling, I will never buy, trade, sell, or pick up a parody proxy, but others certainly see this issue in a more moderate light. While I don’t intend to force my views upon you, I just felt that it was important to share how I felt about these alters, and the practice of altering as a whole.

And that just about wraps up alters and their many variations. Whether buying, selling, or just enjoying some beautiful artistic work, alters are great for everyone. I’ll be back next week with some more financial knowledge, but don’t have a specific topic planned, so if you’d like me to cover anything, let me know in the comments.

Signing off,

Noah Whinston

Arcadefire on mtgo

Nwhinston on twitter

Baldr7mtgstore on ebay

(Editor's Note: All altered card art taken from Card Kitty.)

84 thoughts on “A Tale of Card Alters

  1. I agree with you that what you call basic alters generally do look the best. This is just a personal preference though and I don't really have an opinion about the morality of the other kinds of alters you mentioned.

    I do think that some of the other alters offer a better chance to trade away though in some cases. Take, for example, the Rite of Replication alter shown in the article. I could easily trade this to a casual player whose goal is to kick a Rite on the most humorous creature available at the time. The explosion of bunnies just adds to the humor of the situation and that may give the card some more value to them. If the alter was just an extension of the original art they might like the card but they probably wouldn't want to trade for it at a premium.

    Also…who doesn't want to wrath the board with Buddy Jesus! Maybe you would draw less aggro because of it. 🙂

    I understand that you have your reasons for not trading with certain alters and I can respect that but I do think you could be missing out on some great opportunities as well.

    1. I agree with this point about parody alters and respectfully disagree with the author's position.

      While I can understand not enjoying these cards due to personal taste, taking offense from them because they are "a travesty" is a bit much. I understand that the original artist put a lot of work into the art, but an individual card is just a reproduction of that artwork. The argument that "altering a reproduction is mocking the amount of work it took to create the original" misses the distinction between an original and a copy. Specifically, it misses the difference in time and effort expended between creating the original and printing copies in bulk.

      I'd never condone drawing a mustache on the Mona Lisa. But if you've got a photo, a print, or some other copy of it, go wild!

      What obscures this distinction, I believe, is that Magic cards exist in some middle ground where the cards themselves are originals, but the artwork they contain are reproductions. After all, they are printed in a special way so as to make duplication impossible (or sufficiently difficult), and copies (proxies) aren't tournament-legal. In the same way, most parody alterations aren't tournament legal, so the alter has effectively removed a card from "circulation" as such. That fact alone can reduce the value of a card. For the market effect on cards when they become illegal for tournament play, look no further than Survival of the Fittest.

      From the perspective of "I don't like parody alters because they ruin a perfectly good X," where X is a valuable format staple, I can absolutely understand. And I also understand that alterations which affect the tournament-legality of cards but otherwise preserve the original artwork are generally seen in a better light. At least those can be appreciated by someone who doesn't get the joke.

  2. While alters are nice, and might be able to trade well, unless i did them personally (i'm not an artist however, so that wouldn't happen) i'd just avoid them. They're hard to assess in value as they're usually somewhat exclusive and have a smaller niche market than EDH staples and foils do. If a person gave them to me for free, or cheap/same price as regular, i'd use them, but i wouldn't give premiums on alters no matter how well done or possible opportunities with them you can have (I know casual players and pimp players in my area that trade well for japanese, foil, and alt art at premiums)

    1. It doesn't hide the real condition of the card. Somebody has put paint all over it, that means it is definitely not mint lol.

      In general, as somebody who paints these type of alters, I was hoping for a little more insight to how this changes the value of a card and not just how the author disapproves of certain types.

      I view changing the artwork the same as remixing a song, its more of a tribute to the artist than anything. I have spoken to numerous Magic artists and most say that they are flattered that I would choose their work over other cards to alter.

  3. I do some altering and it's usually for myself though what I like to do is the "simple alter" then add small amounts of flare of my own to the original artists work to make it my own and look cooler. IMO

    I think that for the most part the simple alters and shifted laters are the best at least if you plan on using them for constructed play. But when it comes down to EDH, it's really all about originality and those vader vampiric tutors go from looking like crap to something that the whole table has to look at cause of the creativity and not necessarily the skill.

    Not sure exactly where you were going with this article in general because it's not really on the value of these alters. I know that when done by good artists *most of which can be found on the MTGsalvation site in the artwork section* can be worth a LOT. But I think it's all in the eyes of the beholder in that if you want it bad enough you will pay more for it.

    Though good article in general it just reminds me that I have to get back into altering because I have stopped as of late because of two part time jobs, college/parties, and new video games along with magic.

    Thanks for the article though I enjoyed it and completely agree, altering is for the benefit of the players and no one else.

  4. First off great article, one little nitpick:

    "Ordinary men and women slave over these paintings to make the game more enjoyable for YOU"

    I'm pretty sure their primary motivation is the pay, it is not like these artists are donating 100% of their artwork altruistically. (Or are they? I guess it is possible if unlikely, I wonder if it has happened)

    – Fan of parody art

  5. Some random thoughts:

    While a select few MTG artists disapprove of alters, many of them do not mind at all, and will happily alter their own work (ie. Terese Nielsen, who has probably done dozens of unique Force of Will alters).

    My view is that the true value of artwork lies in the original piece, not the reproductions. The artists themselves arguably feel the same way. I do not mind if someone shifts or parodies the card, as long as it is competently done and in good taste.

    I know that not everyone likes the more extreme alters, so as an occasional card alterer, the safest, most basic alter guidelines I use are:

    -leave all card information intact

    -leave the original art intact (mostly – I will paint over small pieces of the art for blending purposes)

    -leave the artist attribution intact

    -extend everything else

    In terms of pricing, I think it comes down to a mix between style, reputation and skill. Alterers like Cardkitty and Yawg07 command higher prices because they're well-known for what they can do. Like most artists, it becomes a matter of raising your profile and skill simultaneously.

  6. I found this article to be simultaneously uninformative and needlessly hostile. You mention right at the beginning that you intend to discuss the pricing of altered cards, something I would be interested in seeing, as I'm never sure how to value them. You then proceed to list different categories you feel alters fall into. However, instead of giving us an idea of value, ie "A card with the artist signature can add maybe 10% if it's not a terribly popular artist, and upwards of 300% for someone like Chippy," you simply express how much you dislike most alters. You complain about how people are compromising the artistic integrity on these cards – cards which are produced in the 10's of thousands. Claiming someone should be ashamed of painting over the original artwork when there are piles upon piles of the unedited card seems like an extreme example of making a mountain out of a molehill. Do you really think some small part of the artist dies whenever someone paints over his umpteenth goblin drawing? It seems more likely to me that they would be glad to see people exercising their own creative muscles, either by exploring space that the original artist couldn't with amusing additions, or seeing the opportunity for a clever marriage of art and card flavor.

    All of your angry rambling about people ruining cards could be forgiven if you actually had delivered what was promised – the change in value alters create. But you did not deliver, and all we got was a livejournal quality rant about something entirely inconsequential.

  7. I was really looking forward to this article when I read the title, and was disappointed when you didn't provide us with the crucial information that I felt needed to be here: how to value altered cards!!

    I would love to have you take this on in a future article, because I am really curious.

    Do sales prove your point, that comedy or extreme alters sell less than more 'tasteful' works?

    How much more are alters worth? Is it $5-$15 more, or is it a percentage of the value of the card? (Meaning an alter on a Force is going to be worth more than the alter on a Spell Snare.)

    What about alters on top of foils?

    What about alters for EDH cards vs. eternal staples?

    What about signatures?

    Also, you left out a significant section of alters: artist-made alters! Every time I am at a large event, I get the artist there to alt-up 2 or 3 of his best cards (in foil) for my cube. I have Burning-Tree Shaman as Thor, Bloodghast as Boba Fett, etc. Are these worth anything post-alter, or am I destroying the value of the card? (Not that I would ever sell/trade them.)

    There's a LOT to mine under the surface here, and a few hours with eBay completed listings should give you a good starting point.

    As far as opinions about art go, I don't see why you are so against so many different styles of alteration. As a mediocre artist in a family of excellent artists, (though only my grandfather was a professional illustrator)I feel like anything that inspires other people enough to contribute their own art into the world is a good thing. Yeah, if some jackass painted over the Mona Lisa I would be upset, but these cards are mass-produced in the zillions. I am a supporter of anything that adds more art into the world, even if not all of it is that great.

  8. addressing everyone commenting on my lack of talking about the change in values: you are absolutely right! i got very caught up in my own opinion about alters and just blanked. so you have two options. would you rather

    a) i put the missing information in my next article


    b) i write a lengthy comment with things that should already be in my article?

    1. Next article. You should lighten up, too. How could you NOT like the Wrath of Buddy Christ?

      Actually, I think someone who is less biased should cover this topic.

  9. Or perhaps they are making art to express their own experiences with the card. To them, Darth Vader on a FoW might be more meaningful than the angry guy on the normal version.

  10. The task of pricing alters seems more a project for McNutt. The best way would be to track completed listings of alters on Ebay, but then you would have to factor in what the normal/foil version is doing in the same time period and trying to speculate that would be a pain. Also, most online buylists specify no signatures or other markings, severly limiting your ability to liquify. My #1 question: Who pays $80+ for ONE foil Zen land just because it has a bikini clad Anime chick on it? That always blows my mind when I see them on Ebay.

  11. I got started in on altered cards back in 2004, working on 5-Color cards and things for peoples' vintage decks. I used sharpies and my stuff looks really crude compared to what people are cranking out these days 🙂

    Just about my biggest problem with altered cards is the use of other peoples' intellectual property. Therese Nielsen has NO right to be painting Hobgoblin and Spiderman on FOW and charging $100 for that. She didn't create those characters, she doesn't own them and she should not be exploiting them. She's the most shameless of the "ripoff artists," which is a shame because she is a legit artist in her own right. I much prefer artists who run with an original thought – I saw a Jhoira recently done up as a rendition of The Mad Hatter, which was cool (and also out of copyright!). It's shameful that talented artists tend to rip off well-known cultural stuff to make a buck instead of creating interesting, significant and original works of their own to adorn cards. The full-frame extensions are a good example of at least not blatantly ripping off someone else's work.

  12. i am a collector and one area i don't go near is alterations – because the value is so hard to determine (totally subjective) and altering a valuable card can lead to severe devaluation

    in saying that, people seem to love altered cards and in the last year there has been an explosion in the number of people altering product

    for this reason Quiet Speculation needs to cover this area (perhaps with a series of articles)

    btw – i think parody cards are unfunny, but i also think most MTG players are unfunny

  13. Having read this I thought it was very enlightening. I appreciate you spending some time and energy to put this article together.
    I once again find myself spending a lot of time both reading and commenting.

    But so what, it was still worthwhile!

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