Just Like Mama Made… (Exclusive Spoiler)

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Looks like Juzam Djinn is back, baby!

Phyrexian Vatmother has the classic Suicide Black profile - big monster, big downside, ability to end the game quickly, and that 2BB casting cost that we are so endeared to. Phyrexian Vatmother is sure to have a big appeal with the casual players who drive the game, and I expect these will trade very well. That, coupled with the possibility of having a poison deck in Standard, makes the Vatmother a pretty hot card. The downside of poison counters from the Vatmother is negligible - although poison will kill you twice as fast as Juzam's pinging will, it can also scramble up the opponent twice as fast.

Mirrodin Besieged is the second set in the block, meaning that even if this doesn't deliver the goods for a tourney-caliber poison deck, we might get it in the third pack, so to speak. Quiet Speculation's Stephen Moss discussed the possibility of a poison deck in this Insider-exclusive, A Helping Hand. The Poison deck is perilously close to happening, and I suggest paying attention to cards like Phyrexian Vatmother and other helpers like Septic Rats; another spoiler here or there with the "infect" keyword could make poison-bearing monsters very popular.

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12 thoughts on “Just Like Mama Made… (Exclusive Spoiler)

  1. This card helps a lot to put Infect, as you said, perilously close to being real. Can't be Doom Bladed, Disfigured, or Grasped, or Bolted. Gets around quite a bit of non-White removal, though Jace still bounces it.

  2. Pick up skittles now while he still has a reasonable price tag…ive started gathering them again as soon as I saw the spoilers there appears to be a good number of decent infect dreatures in this set many may even be constructed playable.

  3. A certain poster above me may or may not have tipped Insiders off to the Hand, and I've picked up about 10 myself in the last few weeks. Great work, and exciting new preview card!

  4. That really doesn't seem like a downside at all. It's almost like a 2BB 8/5 which deals you 2 damage a turn. It's better than that though, as 9/10 of the time your opponent isn't going to be giving you any poison counters.

    Seems ridiculous to me.

  5. I concur Stealth. In love with this card for mid-game and finishing. Favorite card was always Juzam and, as you stated, it is a nostalgic reminder. This is downright deadly with HotP out.

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