GIANT SHARK | CommanderCast S2E9

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CommanderCast is a podcast dedicated to the popular Commander variant of Magic: The Gathering. Produced weekly in seasons of 13 episodes, each episode is broken into a Community, Strategy, and Technology segment, with a variety of topics covered in every podcast. CommanderCast is hosted and produced by Andy Chapman from his crapshack apartment in Toronto, Ontario. For more material including articles, videos, and contests, check out

Season 2 Episode 9: GIANT SHARK

This week Andy, Adam, and Donovan are joined by one of the Elder Statesmen of casual Magic, Bennie Smith. Brace yourselves as they take a wild, consciousness-expanding journey though an almost two-hour episode of CommanderCast. This episode has 100% real talk from start to finish on things like Sideboards, "That Guy" status, the Season 2 Contest, an Entourage for [card Chisei, Heart of Oceans]Chisei[/card], and [card Giant Shark]GIANT SHARK[/card].

You can also download and listen to it directly!

(See the full show notes, and leave feedback for the casters, over here:

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