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Last week we looked at the impressive cards from blue for modern, which I still feel is the largest area for growth. This week I'm going to cover the next sections for the highest growth; black, and artifacts.

Some may wonder why I didn't cover lands first, since they tend to be the highest value items in most sets. The reason is simple; the lands have already shot up to inflated prices, and we've said to pick up the Ravnica lands for months now. That being said, I probably won't cover lands at all, for that same reason. I also have a feeling that should modern become a fully supported format, we will see WOTC reprint the shock lands, since there isn't a reserve list for modern. Many of today's cards are here out of speculation, and I'm avoiding many of the "known" factors, so we can identify cards worth picking up. You won't see Dark Confidant, Damnation and other well known cards on this list, but it is full of speculative calls and semi-known cards.


Death Cloud - Cloud Rock was a decent deck in extended, and all of those tools will be back in modern.

High: $1.28 @ StrikeZoneOnline

Low: $1.16 @ TCGWarehouse

Trade: $0.75

I really doubt these prices will remain this low, but I would only expect it to go up to about $2.00, perhaps a little more if there is a demand surge.

Plunge into Darkness - It's seen fringe play, but nothing major. In the event that a combo deck using black shows up, I would expect this to get a slot or two.

High: $0.34 @ Magicinferno

Low: $0.25 @ Alter Reality Games

Trade: Throw in. When you can buy them near mint from ARG, and they have 39 for sale, I wouldn't be offering much on these.

Nezumi Shortfang - Shortfang saw quite a bit of play while he was legal in standard and extended.

High: $2.51 @ Cape Fear Games

Low: $1.98 @ Jax Card Singles

Trade: $ $1.50

Night of Souls' Betrayal - This card has seem quite a bit of play as well, and seeing it for 0.21 makes my speculator senses tingle. While it may not go over $1.00, I would still be happy with that.

High: $0.46 @ White Lion Games

Low: $0.21 @ adventuresON

Trade: Throw in.

Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni - EDH has kept the price on Ink-Eyes up for a while now, and of all the ones available on TCG player, you have to get to the $7.99 mark before you see any near mint ones. I would be looking for these and trading for them wherever you can find them, since EDH will give you a great fall back option.

High: $8.07 @ CarkKeiser

Low: $6.97 @ AnyCardUSA

Trade: $5.00

Yukora, the Prisoner - Yukora saw most of his play in the Kamigawa block constructed season, though a 5/5 for 2BB isn't terrible. He's overshadowed, however, by Abyssal Persecutor.

High: $0.23 @ ChannelFireball

Low: $0.15 @ StrikeZoneOnline

Trade: Throw in.

Maga, Traitor of Mortals - Used as a kill condition in a few Heartbeat of Spring combo decks, he could still find use as a finisher for big mana strategies.

High: $0.48 @ Crossroad Games

Low: $0.36 @ Asgard Games

Trade: $0.25

Sins of the Past - Saw most of it's play as a single copy in storm decks from extended season. I would still have a couple on hand, namely foil ones which can be had for $1.07.

High: $0.20 @ Manawerx

Low: $0.14 @ Gamers' Inn

Trade: Throw In

Infernal Tutor - We've seen from legacy that there are a number of ways to abuse this card. While it's going to be harder to use it in those ways in modern, it's still a possibility.

High: $5.38 @ XtremeGames

Low: $3.57 @ Lucky's Card Shop

Trade: $ $3.50

Slaughter Pact - Still an amazing removal spell, the black Pact offers itself up as removal of choice against many creature combo strategies.

High: $1.68 @ Premier Magic

Low: $1.32 @ Untapped Games

Trade: $1.00

Imp's Mischief - As with many of the black cards listed here today, this is speculation. It wouldn't surprise me to see this card rise marginally, but it all depends on which colors are in favor for the format.

High: $0.24 @ TJ Collectibles

Low: $0.23 @ TJ Collectibles

Trade: Throw in


Chalice of the Void- Chalice needed a mention, even though I was avoiding putting many of the main stream cards on this list. Seeing it at $8 and under makes me think that if modern does indeed get paper support as a format, that price will nearly double, and sit at $15 for a while.

High: $7.99  @ Anthem Games

Low: $6.99 @ Matchplay

Trade: $ 7.00

Trinisphere - With so many cards that can be used in lock-out strategies, I would have a few of these just on principal.

High: $2.79 @ TJ Collectibles

Low: $2.23 @ Magic Inferno

Trade: $2.00

Cloudstone Curio - Used in the extended Elves! deck to make it an infinite combo, this could see more play should the entire format be opened up.

High: $0.95 @ Tabletop Arena

Low: $0.75 @ The Card Nexus

Trade: $0.50

Moratorium Stone - With a graveyard themed set coming up, I felt this was worth mentioning. It's super cheap, and a decent graveyard/removal spell.

High: $0.20 @ The Mana Fix

Low: $0.14 @ Gamers Sanctuary

Trade: Throw In

Jesters Scepter - There was a point where this card couldn't be had for under $4, and that was before the market exploded in price.

High: $0.79 @ Cape Fear Games

Low: $0.68 @ StrikeZoneOnline

Trade: $0.50

Epochrasite - a recurring 4/4 is good, or so I'm told. This one may not have lifelink, but it does cost less, both in mana, and price.

High: $0.89 @ Crossroad Games

Low: $0.64 @ Gaming Etc.

Trade: $0.50

Thorn of Amethyst - Continuing with possible lockout cards, this could be something to look at should mana storm combo decks (rite of flame, seething song, desperate ritual) gain in popularity.

High: $0.86 @ AnyCardUSA

Low: $0.64 @ Magic Inferno

Trade: $0.50

Without knowing what the banned list will look like for the format, every card needs to be taken into consideration. Cards that were banned for the community cup may be unbanned, while other cards end up seeing the no-play zone. For now, keep anything on the table as an option.

Thanks for reading! Next week we cover Red, Green, and White

Stephen Moss

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