It’s Like a Steel Cage Match! | MNM 275

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This Week in Magic

Tom, Chris (from World at War, Horde of Notions, and pretty much every other podcast we have) and Trevor from the Manasculpting podcast bring an Innistrad, and wrestling, filled podcast this week.

We break right in to the most current Innistrad previews, including flavor picks, standard picks, legacy picks and Tom's biggest let-down ever in Creepy Doll.  We also run down PT Philly, talk about the first real appearance of the Modern format (Top 8 deck lists, and all Modern decks with >= 18 points), some break out decks and the pure joy of seeing a mono-blue infect deck pitching Dragonstorm to Blazing Shoal!  And don't miss the Wizards of the Cats from the weekend as well.  Check out this tasty Doubling Season judge promo from PT Philly.  IDW Publishing is launching a MTG comic book.  Jeremy Jarvis with a great article on the Innistrad art.  We are sad to hear the Peter Szigeti passed away and has some colorful history in the MTG tourney scene (Searing Blaze anyone?).

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Listener Emails

As promised, a bunch of awesome emails.  Get your own copy of the Ecto Cooler recipe and just the plain weirdness of a Chicago branch of Ghostbusters.  Check out Isaac's blog and thoughts about the magic card back.   And the sweet, sweet altered art Dismember.

MTGCast News

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