Scene In The Store – The Introduction

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Hello weekend warriors! My name is Shane Jenkins and I'd like to welcome you to Scene In The Store.
This new blog will aim to provide you with weekly updates from the local game store scene. Quiet Speculation provides loads of information on making money with Magic the Gathering, especially from the tournament scene.
This blog, Scene In The Store, will provide a look at the financial side of MtG with the casual/novice scene in mind.

Allow me to introduce myself... I'm a 32 year old guy that's been into Magic since the early days. In high school
it was just a game some of us played to break from video games. After graduation in 1997 I separated from friends and put the cards aside. Several years later I sold a box of cards that I of course wish I still had (FACEPALM).
After deciding to settle down and try to make a family, I got back into Magic as a way to not "go out too much".
I stumbled upon a now closed LGS in Indian Trail, NC called Duelers (R.I.P.). After attending several events
and getting to know the owners, I was offered the opportunity to work there part time in the evenings and on Saturday for store credit. The opportunity really taught me a lot about the scene in a local game store. Fast forward to the present and my love for gaming has grown to the point where I am currently in the process of opening my own game store. We are aiming to open on the 15th October, so not much time left. Lots left to do but I feel confidant we'll be ready.

So with all that being said here are some of my goals for this blog...

* To provide an ongoing look into the local game store scene for the purpose of seeing what's hot and what's not
in casual/novice play. Covering everything from multiplayer-FFA, EDH and Emporer to sanctioned events such as
FNMs and Prerelease/Release days.
* To give insight from several different points of view (player, trader, and store owner), with the intention
of giving an all encompasing view of a LGS. This will allow all involved to prepare and manage their time
and money as well contribute to a stronger LGS scene.
* To have a "Hotflash" mechanic in which I post up anything new and exciting that may have an impact on the
LGS scene...a new combo, a potential new bomb, or anything else that could be capitalized on in the financial
area of Magic.

You can expect updates over the weekends as things catch my eye or ear, that should help with speculating and turning a
little profit during your weekly grind. On Tuesdays I will provide a recap of the previous weekend and what we can look
forward to in the near future.

Well there you have it folks. I hope you will join me on this adventure into the world of your local game store. It should
be interesting to see how things develop in the new store, the ups and downs of seasonal play, and what transpires over
the next year. I want to thank you all for this opportunity and I hope this blog will be a valuable part of your information

Until next time...Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease!


Shane Jenkins

Shane Jenkins has followed one of his long time dreams and opened his own game store. Since 1999 Shane has grown from mere player and casual trader to financial trader and now to being the proud owner of his own LGS. By providing all 3 points of view, Shane brings a well rounded perspective in a very core part of Magic The Gathering. With weekly updates and recaps, Shane aims to provide the casual player/trader/grinder with a non-tournament look into the financial side of Magic The Gathering.

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