With demand rising as COVID-19 restrictions loosen across the country, many stores and sellers are struggling to keep up with the increase in demand, or are readily preparing for a coming storm. Some may find an exorbitant of risk through restocking through collection purchasing, and today Kai will guide you through some of these risks, and ways to reduce that risk as much as possible.

This one will be a little off the rails. A couple weeks ago, I highlighted an opportunity I saw for Wizards to do something risky but with the potential to change Modern forever. The feedback I received was… voluminous, and well appreciated, even though most everyone disagreed with me. Regardless, I learned something through the […]

One of the more interesting discussions on the Internet today (at least when it comes to the world of Magic finance), is the question of what the best long-term spec is to stock up on. The original post over on Reddit created a flurry of responses, and I thought I would weigh in as well. […]

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