In Memory of Tom | MNM 282

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This Week in Magic

Jack, Chris, Chris, Adena, and Chewie brings you a another edition of Monday Night Magic to the MTGCast Network!

In Louisiana it is now illegal to use Cash to buy secondhand merchandise, such as Magic Cards from another Magic Player.

Reports are mushrooming of major translation issues and smearing text of the apparently poor quality of Korean Magic 2012 cards. Related to this comes a story of the complete hack-job on the Portuguese Stoic Rebuttal.

Most of the "2011's" (the events that were formerly known as the State Championships) were assigned an event multiplier of 1x for Planeswalker Points since it was not a WotC sponsored event, which place then as far less helpful than a typical FNM event for players.

Chris Lansdell wrote an Article about Planeswalker Points

What did people play at that event formerly known as the State Championships?

MTGCast News
Tom will be taking a MNM sabbatical.  He has a new baby on the way, and is in real need of a break from Podcasting.  The show will live on under the direction of Jack and Chewie, who will be joined by the normal stable of awesome guest-hosts each week, all in the memory of Tom.

MTGO MTGCast Official Clan:  Limited Resources

Contact "marshall_LR" in game to join the MTGO Clan, Limited Resources.  Marshall can also be reached via twitter:  @Marshall_LR

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Chewie, Jack, Chris, Adena, Eric, Conley, Marcel, Robert, & Tom - Your Monday Night Magic news team!

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