QS Drafts: Drafting Innistrad #3 [MTGO]

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With new and improved audio, Forrest Ryan and Kyle Stoll draft a Halloween themed deck on video, bringing us along with tasteful banter and insight into the picks and plays of today's matches.

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QS Drafts: Drafting Innistrad #3

Forrest Ryan

Forrest Ryan once lent Alex Bertoncini a hat.

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9 thoughts on “QS Drafts: Drafting Innistrad #3 [MTGO]

  1. I stopped watching when you didn't take rooftop storm on the wheel for you ZOMBIE deck. I can see justifying the banshee over goulraiser thinking you'll get more, but rooftop storm is insane in a deck with multiple goul raisers. You already have Grimgrin, Disciple of Griselbrand is easy to come by since he is not highly picked.

    The worst part of not picking rooftop storm is the card you picked over it: night terrors. Garbage card that should never see maindeck play outside of a horrible sealed pool with no other way to answer your opponents bombs. fail.

  2. Rooftop Storm is completely unplayable, even in a dedicated Zombie deck. It may have been entertaining to see them take it and run with it, but there is no way it's the correct pick. It's about on par with Semblance Anvil.

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