Crossover Week, Part 1 | CC S4E8

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Crossover Month is in effect at CommanderCast! This week the podcast features Sean from RedCastWins, and Gavin of the Commander Rules Committee. Also joining the Tactical Podcasting Team is Imshan to keep Andy from doing anything regrettable on air. Subject matter ranges wide in a two-hour epic that will leave you reeling in a confused state, reduced to a stupor by the sheer length of the program.

Actual content? How about the centralization of Commander's rules? [card Arcum Dagsson]Arcum Dagsson[/card]? The importance of situational awareness? Good cards we hate? There's something for everyone that isn't a huge loser on this week's CommanderCast!

Hit the button to play, or download the entire episode! This week's full show notes are found here.

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