3 thoughts on “Considering Booze Cube (21+)

  1. I understand that drink 2 is 2x the amount of drink 1, however your description doesn't seem to say how much to drink for a drink 1. A sip, a glass, a bottle? Is there perhaps a difference per kind of beverage? Otherwise it's hard to judge whether this is the kind of drinking game that aims to have people highly intoxicated as soon as possible (just an excuse for binge drinking basically), or the kind that aims more towards mostly being a game where you might gradually get intoxicated and game skill is still rewarded. In my experience it's very easy to accidentally create the former but that the latter kind is more fun.

  2. Drink is the approximate amount you would drink in any normal drinking game. I would say that Drink 1 = 1/2 an ounce of beer. 24 drinks in a can/bottle. Your mileage may vary for other drinks and different tolerances. This is very much a binge drinking style of game, and play skill is not necessarily rewarded. Combo kills and wins are very possible and fun, though the format of the game is likely "casual". The inclusion of the keyword "intoxicated" signals that this isn't really about winning, but more about fun. Whether you win or lose, it is still hilarious.

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