6 thoughts on “Insider: Touch of the Eternal — Looking Through the Portal

  1. It really depends on the card itself (I originally thought that the EDH cards would have a really low spread…For example the spread on Norwood Priestess is 12% and the spread on Ebon Dragon is 50% (so I assumed that the collectors cards would have a higher spread)…but then look up Angel of Light and the spread is 6%. To be honest I’ve never really sold many of these, in fact I pick them up in trades when I see them simply due to rarity.

  2. This is a great article, and I’m surprised one like this has not been written before. Very well done.

    Some of these portal artworks really takes me back. I just may have to buy a couple for kicks. And being an Angel collector, I know all about the obnoxious Portal Angels which are absolutely horrible but also unique and harder to find. Thank goodness P3K had no Angels 😛

    1. Ya…I have a Portal: Second Age Archangel because I’m a huge rk Post fan…I had him sign it in Atlanta and he told me it was probably the 2nd or 3rd of those he’d ever signed. I got mine probably 8 years ago..and even then they were hard to find.

  3. Just a small comment – Sea Drake used to be worth much more, as it was played in Legacy Stompy. The reason wasn’t that bouncing two lands was an inconsequential drawback, it was actually that the ability required two targets (much like, say, Hex). That meant that if you played Sea Drake off of a land that generated two mana (Ancient Tomb, City of Traitors) and a colored source that wasn’t a land (Lotus Petal), you actually didn’t have to return any lands to your hand, so you would get a 4/3 flyer on turn 1 with essentially no drawback.

    1. Thanks Kevin. I actually didn’t know that (I began playing legacy within the past couple of years), but it does make a lot of sense. He would trump Delver in that way. Gotta love those portal oddities.

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