RUG Monsters in Journey Into Nyx Standard

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It's rare to see anyone brewing this late in the game with a new set about to come out. It feels like a lame duck weekend for Standard so I was surprised to see my buddy Ken Crocker on camera at SCG Detroit for two reasons.

  1. Ken is not terribly photogenic.
  2. RUG Monsters? What in the actual world?

Since Journey Into Nyx is not legal yet, I wanted to share this list with everyone so we had a new shell to try and plug JOU cards into because I think the deck is potent and its mana is about to improve slightly with the printing of City of Mana Confluence of Brass. Are there other cards that can work in this shell? Let's see what he had to say during his deck tech interview.

Said Interview

See what I mean about him not being photogenic?

Creatures (24)

1 Aetherling
1 Arbor Colossus
4 Elvish Mystic
2 Scavenging Ooze
4 Stormbreath Dragon
4 Sylvan Caryatid
1 Sylvan Primordial
4 Courser of Kruphix
3 Polukranos, World Eater

Planeswalkers (9)

1 Chandra, Pyromaster
3 Domri Rade
1 Kiora, the Crashing Wave
2 Ral Zarek
2 Xenagos, the Reveler

Lands (24)

3 Deep Forest Hermit
1 Goblin Mountaineer
4 Breeding Pool
4 Steam Vents
4 Stomping Ground
4 Temple of Abandon
4 Temple of Mystery

Spells (3)

2 Cyclonic Rift
1 Mizzium Mortars


1 Pithing Needle
3 Mistcutter Hydra
2 Negate
1 Simic Charm
1 Syncopate
2 Turn//Burn
1 Unravel the Aether
1 Ruric Thar, the Unbowed
1 Bow of Nylea

This deck sure is pretty. Is there anything from the new set we want to try out?

How about this bad boy? With the ability to save mana from turn to turn, your creatures with Monstrosity are suddenly real forces to be reckoned with. Polukranos, World Easter becomes a Wrath of God. How good will this be in the deck? Is there room? What to take out? I don't know! Test it and find out, man.

Because obviously.

This card seems pretty good in a deck with moderate amounts of card draw and cards like Courser of Kruphix. Your opponent will play differently with your top card revealed if they know you can draw it, and they play differently if they know it is a nonland and they are about to take some damage. Courser lets you keep land off of the top leaving you free to bolt them every upkeep. Courser and Keranos seem like a good team and this is a good shell to try them together.


We don't have to completely re-invent the wheel with our brewing, and a deck like this may be a great place to start. What do you think?

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