JOU Spoiler: 4/17

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I was remarking on Twitter that the white enchantment in this cycle didn't really seem to fit. The Green, Red and Blue flash enchantments are all functional reprints of cards that benefit from flash because they were on cards that historically were balanced by the fact that your opponent would benefit from them before you did - Howling Mine drew them a card before it did you; ditto for Furnace of Rath allowing them to untap and play spells before you got the effect and Heartbeat of Spring limiting the upside you experienced the turn you played it because you invested the mana to play it. Playing them with flash allows you to play it at the end of their turn and untap and get a first crack at it. Dictate of Heliod doesn't really fit. It benefits from flash in that it's a sick combat trick.

Dictate of Erebos similarly doesn't fit the cycle but I don't even care. I have another copy of Grave Pact for my EDH decks. Not only that, Grave Pact was getting expensive despite all of its printings. This means this card should have some real upside eventually and this could curb the out-of-control price of G.P. (although if it doesn't, I'm fine with it. I like expensive EDH staples undervalued by the general population). This card doesn't need flash but I'm not complaining. I love that this card got printed. Love it. Love it love it love it love it. If you want to play with these, I don't hate its $4 preorder price, either. I'll be targeting every copy of these at the prerelease but probably not buying in for cash.


The hits keep coming! This is just a snap include in white sideboards and maybe white mainboards. This is unfortunately a $50 preorder and while I was all set to compare it to Hero's Downfall and suggest maybe you want to pick these up around $7, it's already at $12.50. This isn't $12.50 good, I don't think. It's Disenchant with high yet narrow upside. I think this card is very good, but it's also sort of situational and I don't like dropping $50 on a playset at all. Solid card, but I don't know if it can maintain its presale price.


An Oblivion Ring with a rewording to nerf some of the infinite loop shenanigans. This is a card we needed and now we have it. This will get lots of play and the presale price is bound to be wrong. If this presells for under $1, scoop them.


Good yet narrow. They really want this dredge deck to be a thing. I think people are going to start packing a lot more graveyard hate and the critical mass of enablers may trigger an onslaught of hate. I am not sure this card fits into the deck, but it doesn't have a ton of financial relevance either way.


Limited-playable common. Nothing to see here.


Another card with a rewording on an old ability. With a card like Tidehollow Sculler, there were two triggers and you could respond to the first to cancel the first one. This leaves no room for such shenanigans. This card appears to feature a large maggot crawling into some dude's ear hole.


This art freaks me out but the card has the potential to be playable; effects like this historically are. Still, it's no Banishing Light so I don't see financial upside.

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    1. Yeah, that\’s a lot saner than the $50 playsets I was seeing on eBay. I think $4 is pretty good. If it goes in everything, I could see it pulling a Hero\’s Downfall, but I don\’t think it\’s going to. I am glad SCG put it at a saner amount.

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