Journey Into Nyx Preview

I’m glad in hindsight that we produced Brainstorm Brewery Satyr tokens. I’m not sure about the lore that explains how Xenagos went from Planeswalker to god to fallen god, but it looks like the $@%& has hit the fan in Theros. Are we paying 7 mana to make some dudes? Compared with Army of the […]

Everyone loves a good Mesmeric Fiend, right? Definitely a powerful card back when it was printed, it’s an effect we haven’t seen in quite some time. Until now, that is. So that art is sweet, right? Besides that, I expect that this will see some play. Not a ton, since Sin Collector kind of fills […]

AWWWWWWWWW YISS! I was remarking on Twitter that the white enchantment in this cycle didn’t really seem to fit. The Green, Red and Blue flash enchantments are all functional reprints of cards that benefit from flash because they were on cards that historically were balanced by the fact that your opponent would benefit from them […]

I’m not exactly a Red player myself, but I know those who are love themselves a good Threaten. Or Traitorous Instinct. Or any of these type of effects. Well, here’s a good one.   It’s kind of snuck into the background, but this is a really powerful card. Red decks have used Threaten effects in […]

This is a very exciting card. I think its best application is in 100 card decks where cards like Comet Storm and Fireball suddenly become insane. Aurelia’s Fury becomes more playable, etc. I like a lot of what people are discussing with respect to this card. Strength of the Tajuru is a card that people […]

Check out the Journey Into Nyx Spoilers on our official [JOU] Mini-Site! I’m certainly not highlighting a flashy card today. In fact, it’s as wooly as they come. In fact, it’s a sheep. Actually, I suppose that makes me a sheep-ist or something, because it’s not really a sheep. It’s a ram. A big, strong […]

This is an interesting card. I am a big fan of cards that can scale late into the game. If drawn early, this can be played as a simple beater in Mono-Blue Devotion, perhaps in Judge’s Familiar’s slot. Late in the game, this can swipe their best dude. 7 mana is kind of a lot, […]

This card has real potential. At 3 mana, it is extremely affordable for a 5/4. His ability is one of the easiest to build around and it begs you to do so. While other gods just give you value based on doing what you’d do already like draw a card or attack with creatures, this […]

Check out the Journey Into Nyx Spoilers on our official [JOU] Mini-Site!   This is….expensive. 7 mana to kill two dudes seems like it’s a bad Sever the Bloodline in a format full of Pack Rat tokens, but nuking all of the auras (therefore the bestow creatures) may make this cost-effective after all. Paying 4 […]

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