JOU Spoiler Spotlight: Kruphix’s Insight

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It's not often we come to talk about a Common from a new set.

Gods? Sure. Planeswalkers? Absolutely.

But Commons?

Well, today I want to talk about one that I believe is important enough to warrant mentioning.

It's just a common. But it's worth talking about.
It's just a common. But it's worth talking about.

So what makes this card so special? Well, for starters, it's just good value. I mean, stuff like Lead the Stampede was played while it was in Standard, and this is near that level. For that alone, it's probably got a shot at seeing some Standard play, albeit not much.

But that's not what impresses me about this card.

We've talked before about the power of the Dredge deck Ari Lax and others have had success with. One of the big questions about the deck, which runs a number of Enchantment creatures and has a powerful shell, was whether it could survive Rotation.

My opinion was that with so many powerful cards returning, all the deck needed was a few more pieces to survive Rotation. It got a big one in the Green/Black Scryland from this set, but it gets another huge one here. The biggest thing to replace is Grisly Salvage, and while this doesn't quite do that (three mana is a long way from two mana), it's a step in the right direction. It means the deck is probably one enabler away from being a legitimate elite contender come rotation. That's enough to make me want to stock up on the big pieces like Herald of Torment and Nighthowler.

Is Dredge a viable contender in Standard? Will it be after Rotation?

4 thoughts on “JOU Spoiler Spotlight: Kruphix’s Insight

  1. A deck with 32 enchantments, 4 Kruphix’s Insight, and 24 lands can expect to produce three new cards every time Insight is played. The card is a bit narrow. So I don’t think Wizards needed to limit the power with “up to three” enchantments but still, if built around, this card usually draws two to three cards. This makes me want to brew.

      1. I hadn’t thought completely through the dredge applications but drawing three plus powering up the graveyard for more synergies is a great deal for just three mana.

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