Journey into Nyx spoiler

Put away your godbooks everyone, we’ve got the full spoiler! Going into the weekend, I was thinking the entire spoiler didn’t come out until next week. Clearly, though, either I’m an idiot (likely) or someone leaked out the set. I’m going to guess the former. With the remaining cards, there are no more big surprises, […]

I’m not exactly a Red player myself, but I know those who are love themselves a good Threaten. Or Traitorous Instinct. Or any of these type of effects. Well, here’s a good one.   It’s kind of snuck into the background, but this is a really powerful card. Red decks have used Threaten effects in […]

Check out the Journey Into Nyx Spoilers on our official [JOU] Mini-Site! I’m certainly not highlighting a flashy card today. In fact, it’s as wooly as they come. In fact, it’s a sheep. Actually, I suppose that makes me a sheep-ist or something, because it’s not really a sheep. It’s a ram. A big, strong […]

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