JOU Spoiler Spotlight: Mana Confluence

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Get out of here City of Brass. Move over, Reflecting Pool. We've got a new contender in town.

Because why not have all the mana?
Because why not have all the mana?

I won't lie, this was a surprise. A new five-color land, a full year after Ravnica block? Maybe a bit random, but we have a new contender for the best mana-fixing land here. Pretty much strictly better than City of Brass (I've killed people by tapping their City of Brass with Merrow Reejerey), this isn't necessarily better than some of the other five-color options like Reflecting Pool I mentioned above.

But it is extremely powerful, that's for sure. Commander and Cubes, watch out. As for Standard, I'm not sure it will see much play, though I wouldn't be surprised. There's been rumbling of a five-color ramp deck floating around the last month or two of tournaments, and such a deck pretty much can't ask for anything better than this. But will the "traditional" three-color decks pick this up? My gut instinct is no, at least not in huge numbers, because life is a real thing. Sure, in this current slow Standard format you can spend a few life points more liberally than you normally would, but if people start to take 2-4 damage off of their lands every game the aggro decks will make a reappearance.

How does this fit into Theros block? You got me, but I know it's pretty cool and will likely be joining Command Tower in my Commander decks. And I expect it to be in Cubes everywhere.

12 thoughts on “JOU Spoiler Spotlight: Mana Confluence

  1. A 5-color untapped land is always welcome, especially with the shocklands rotating soon.

    As for the debate vs. City of Brass, these cards will be functionally the same for Standard 99.9% of the time.

    And yes, the foils for this are going to look crazy beautiful.

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