Corbin Hosler

Everyone loves a good Mesmeric Fiend, right? Definitely a powerful card back when it was printed, it’s an effect we haven’t seen in quite some time. Until now, that is. So that art is sweet, right? Besides that, I expect that this will see some play. Not a ton, since Sin Collector kind of fills […]

UPDATE:  The entire card has been revealed!  Check it out! We all know Wizards loves to bury spoilers for cards. We’ve seen Jace pieced out all over the world. We’ve seen Innistrad spoilers hidden in cryptic messages disguised as flavor. We’ve seen Return to Ravnica story spoilers brought out because of a one-point difference in […]

Check out the Journey Into Nyx Spoilers on our official [JOU] Mini-Site! I’m certainly not highlighting a flashy card today. In fact, it’s as wooly as they come. In fact, it’s a sheep. Actually, I suppose that makes me a sheep-ist or something, because it’s not really a sheep. It’s a ram. A big, strong […]

Check out the Journey Into Nyx Spoilers on our official [JOU] Mini-Site! There’s nothing more fun than taking extra turns.  Seriously, we all love to do it. And thanks to a sweet new spoiler from Journey into Nyx, now we can do it  in Standard. All the talk has been about the combos. Basically, using […]

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