Corbin Hosler

Check out the Journey Into Nyx Spoilers on our official [JOU] Mini-Site! What do you think? Is this really a godsend to Standard or just another big, useless equipment? It’s certainly a cool effect. Elspeth’s Sword is flashy, that’s for sure. The fact you can get rid of any creature and then get additional value […]

People are constantly decrying the state of Standard. “It’s all Mono-Black” or “it’s all Control” is what you hear. People are always on the lookout for new decks to take to Friday Night Magic and try to break the metagame. Well, here’s one take on it you may not have yet seen. Untitled Deck Spells […]

One of the more interesting discussions on the Internet today (at least when it comes to the world of Magic finance), is the question of what the best long-term spec is to stock up on. The original post over on Reddit created a flurry of responses, and I thought I would weigh in as well. […]

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