MTGJOU Spoiler Spotlight: Keranos, God of Storms

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The newest god, and another powerful effect. But just how powerful?
The newest god, and another powerful effect. But just how powerful?


We've now seen another of the gods from Journey into Nyx, and again we aren't disappointed. Much like his R/W buddy, Keranos is extremely powerful. There's no that all the gods have delivered so far (okay, maybe not Ephara), and Keranos is no exception.

So let's break down his abilities:

Indestructible: Sure, obviously awesome.

Devotion count needed: Probably more difficult in U/R since the color-intensive giant Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius lends himself to the Control Deck Finisher role, something that Aetherling is pretty much always better at.

How does he compare to Kruphix, the Simic God?

Revealing cards: This, of course, is where the cards shines. In fact, I'm pretty sure it's insane. Remember the UWR Control decks that are very similar to their Esper brethren but have access to Mizzium Mortars and Stormbreath Dragon? That's where this card is going to shine. It does something in every matchup, which is why it's so great. Control matchup? Drawing extra cards is nuts, not to mention the damage to the face can actually add up quickly since these matches go so long. Creature matchups? Being able to nail their creatures for three is huge.

Outside of that deck, this is the sort of card that can easily top out a Burn or tempo deck. After all, being able to use both Boros Reckoner and Frostburn Weird means it's not impossible to trigger the devotion.

Like I said, all the gods so far have had powerful effects, but I'm not sure if there's one more flexible than this, which means it can go into a wide variety of decks.

How does this compare to Iroas, the Boros god? Here's our review.

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