A New Take on Standard?

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People are constantly decrying the state of Standard. "It's all Mono-Black" or "it's all Control" is what you hear. People are always on the lookout for new decks to take to Friday Night Magic and try to break the metagame.

Well, here's one take on it you may not have yet seen.

The next pillar of Standard?

I know, it's definitely not something you've seen before, right? I can't say it's going to be the next big deck, but Trading Post is an engine card that provides a ton of advantage, and the deck's creators claims he's tested it somewhat extensively and found success against the current tier of decks.

This deck caught my eye because a few years back I had a very similar brew I loved playing, utilizing Trading Post alongside Ichor Wellspring, Tumble Magnet, Inkmoth Nexus and a slow Proliferate engine that eventually won the game. It was both fun (for me) and actually very competitive online. I don't think this deck is as good as that one was since the artifact support it has is much weaker, but new brews like this are a welcome relief in Standard.
What do you think? Is there any merit to working with decks like this or should we just be casting Pack Rats some more?


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11 thoughts on “A New Take on Standard?

  1. I love my mono black list and I’ll probably be sticking to it, but I do like this. I’d probably have tried to brew something like it a while back, but for one thing – as I read this deck list I was sitting there going “didn’t know it was in standard… didn’t know it was in standard… don’t even know what that does…”.

      1. It does seem like the kind of thing I like brewing around (currently I’m working on a WURG Ink Treader Nephilim deck for modern which is spicy but needs refining).

  2. interesting brew…with all this lifegain, have you considered running sanguine bond? It means going esper, but it doesn’t seem like it would be much of a problem for you with this mana-base.

    Imagine having a post and cauldron and doming your opponent for 8 in a turn while you gain 8. Going to magic christmas-land, if you had an angelic accord as well….

    another card that’s interesting is search warrant. Can gain you life, can combo with sanguine bond to do a lot of damage. It combos viciously with bond+your bounce cards….cyclonic rift EOT, search warrant for 14+? sounds good. regardless, search warrant is probably only a 1 or 2 of card.

    last card: I know that part of the point of this deck is to use non-standard cards, but…Elspeth is really on-theme here. You can use the creatures to synergize with your posts/haunted plates/cauldrons. just 1-2 would be awesome.

    Thanks for sharing your brews!

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