Conspiracy Spoilers – More Conspiracies and More Reasons To Buy

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Sweet baby Heliod. This card is all-in, isn't it? You're drafting 5 color goodstuff with this guy in your first pack. Those poop 23rd cards? Well, they're in the deck. The good thing is, we haven't seen any way to remove Conspiracies (yet) so you're reasonably safe pretending you have a Chromatic Lantern all the time. I would not take this late since you're likely not going to want to jam your draft chaff in your deck if you weren't planning for it since pick one. This reminds me of a college professor I had who would give anyone who got every answer on the final exam wrong an A in the class. Get one question right? You fail the final. High risk, high reward. I love this stupid card.

Backup Plan


So the rares are good, huh? Not quite as punishing as Serum Powder, this little mulligan enabler lets you pick your poison for real. I know I'll have cards I want in both hands and have to shuffle one away, and that's before I mulligan. I don't know how much I will like this guy, but it does more than nothing and I can see this being a lot of fun to play with. I can dig it.



Yep. That's an Exploration all right. Is your LGS still taking preorders?



The hits, they keep on coming!


@Time_Elemental and I were literally discussing this card this afternoon on the Money Draught podcast and we couldn't figure out why it had such a low rate of EDH adoption for such a powerful effect. I supposed people just forgot this card existed. It's about $5 and on its way to getting cheaper. Be careful of this guy in limited- you can't cast it unless there is an artifact, creature, enchantment and land in play to target. It's better-suited to multiplayer. Hey, guess what Conspiracy is?



Not a reprint people were clamoring for, but a solid card nonetheless. Fated Retribution sees play in Standard and I think both can work together in EDH. Solid card.


All in all, these new reprints announced today make Conspiracy seem even spicier. I'm looking forward to jamming as many games of this as I can.

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Jason Alt

Jason Alt is a value trader and writer. He is Quiet Speculation's self-appointed web content archivist and co-captain of the interdepartmental dodgeball team. He enjoys craft microbrews and doing things ironically. You may have seen him at magic events; he wears black t-shirts and has a beard and a backpack so he's pretty easy to spot. You can hear him as co-host on the Brainstorm Brewery podcast or catch his articles on He is also the Community Manager at and writes the odd article there, too. Follow him on Twitter @JasonEAlt unless you don't like having your mind blown.

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8 thoughts on “Conspiracy Spoilers – More Conspiracies and More Reasons To Buy

  1. Decimate isn’t used in EDH because it still usually forces you to destroy something of your own, especially with EDH format. Lets throw an example out there. Lets say I have 2 opponents and my opponent to my left has put an Elesh Norn into play, and it prevents me from my combo (something with lots of little creatures.) and I have a decimate in my hand. Well, you can’t cast it unless you have 4 targets. You can always blow up an opponent land, that’s awesome, and you can take out elesh norn… and one of a couple meaningless enchantments (not saying enchantments are meaningless, just in this situation the ones on the board are) and there are no artifacts. So I have to set down a manafact or if it’s the only artifact in my hand… an accroma’s memorial, and then play decimate to destroy it (because I need 4 targets.)

    Now lets say you consistantly have a 4-6 person playgroup for EDH, then decimate rarely has issues, but in reality the 4-6 player games are the best ones, but 90 percent of what you really play is head to head and 3 player games because that’s what happens when you go over to a friends house to play. 2v2 the card sucks… and 3v3 the card is just alright…. but all in all nobody wants to use cards that they have to switch out based on the number of players that are playing (and virtually nobody has EDH sideboards) so this card gets left out. That’s the reason, ask any red/green EDH player they’ve likely already been through this… they didn’t forget it, you did. Try it out for a couple weeks, you’ll see what i mean.

    1. That is a really bleak scenario. The only way you will ever be able to cast Decimate is to blow up your own Akroma\’s Memorial? Come on, hyperbole much? I am confident that if I start jamming this, it will not sit in my hand. In fact, this solves a lot of problems I\’m having with card selection in Riku. I bet there are more games where I\’m doubling decimate than games where it\’s stranded in my hand. Everyone plays mana rocks, lots of them. Enchantments are going to be the sticking point, but is it worse than sitting on a Slice in Twain like I do with Riku? You\’re proposing a lot of scenarios that are pretty bizarre to justify not playing with a card that seems fine to me. I could copy and paste everything you said about Decimate and apply it to Rack and Ruin, a card that gets a ton of EDH play. I\’m jamming a Decimate in Riku and I bet it solves way more problems than it creates.

      1. I can confirm these assertions, I run it in R/G Wort and I’ve only occassionally had to keep it in hand due to not having 4 legal targets (most of the time I’m waiting on an enchantment). In fact, I’d imagine it’s even better now that people are playing all the enchantment creature stuff from THS block. Not to mention, I hear 8-for-1’s are good, plus style points for running a fairly old and obscure card.

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