Conspiracy Spoiler

I know some of you are familiar with the Market Watch series I’ve been doing on, but for those of you who may not be, each week I try to look at one particular thing in Magic finance to break down. This week I decided to go with Conspiracy, and break down the singles […]

Here’s a card that is so dirty it gets its own spoiler on an otherwise slow day. This card is going to be easy to draft in quantity and you will have no shortage of triggers, but maybe not enough for him to deal more than 2 or 4 damage a game. You can draft […]

Coercive Portal I love politics! This is such a great card for EDH games. Ironically, I feel like this is the least coercive of all “Will of the Council” cards so far. You draw cards until several opponents think the board needs wiped. You don’t get to use this card except to draw, everyone else […]

Let’s get back on it, shall we? Scourge of the Throne Yep, that’s a Dargon alright. The community seems split on Dethrone as a mechanic. I personally like the dimension it adds to the game. Layers of decision making are skill testers and they separate the good players from the bad. This Dargon is very […]

There are a ton of reprints in Conspiracy. I’m interested in the new cards. I don’t need to tell you that Squirrel Nest is good in Limited. Let’s take a look at new stuff. Today, I’ll go through the Conspiracies. Like we said yesterday, Conspiracies appear to be similar to Vanguard cards. If you draft […]

First of all, we now know what the blank card that was shown on spoilers is. Conspiracies are like generals or like Vanguard cards, whichever you remember better. There are quite a few conspiracies spoiled. I assume they will be in booster packs and be draftable. I like this concept. Will putting them in the […]

How awesome is that? I know you probably don’t need an introduction to this card, but if you do I can sum it up simply: SQUIRRELS! Seriously, everyone seems to love Squirrels. And Squirrel tokens. And Squirrel Nests. It’s a combo with Earthcraft to make all the Squirrels, and it’s a combo that sees some […]

Great googily moogily. This card is solid. Sol. Lid. Dethrone is a very, very cool ability. It is quite powerful, but it also requires you to play suboptimally if you want the payoff. If you can make Marchesa indestructible with something like Darksteel Plate, you can wrath with abandon (well, you can Damnation with abandon, […]

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