#MTGOVM News: Vintage Dailies & Vintage Masters Champs!

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Vintage Masters Daily Events, Premier Events, and Championship Events are coming to Magic Online!

When Vintage Masters was announced on DailyMTG last October, Magic players were immediately chomping at the bit to play the set. The Power Nine had been on MTGO since the first iteration of the Holiday Cube, but that was the only place players could get a taste of Black Lotus, Ancestral Recall, and all of their old Alpha (and new Conspiracy) friends.

The wait is nearly over, and now we have a whole smattering of ways to get our fix of sweet sweet #MTGOVM goodness!

Vintage Masters Prerelease

magister of worth mtgoVintage Masters prerelease events take place starting June 13 at 10am Pacific Daylight Time (or PDT), with the official full-on Magic Online release coming on June 16, 2014, at 10am PDT. Prerelease events like Sealed and Booster Draft will continue through the release week though, so you have a good long time to get the Vintage Masters Magister of Worth promo card and limited time only Black Lotus and Dack Fayden avatars.

But that's old news. What isn't is the update concerning actual honest-to-goodness constructed Vintage on Magic Online!

Vintage Masters DEs and PEs

dack avatarBeginning after the downtime on June 11, a slew of new events come online. Vintage Constructed Daily Events (or DEs) will be added to the schedule. Additionally, on June 13 Vintage Premier Events (or PEs) and Legacy PEs will replace the Theros Block PEs currently on MTGO. And if that isn't enough old-school Magic to get you through the day, Vintage and Legacy 8-player and 2-player queues will also be added during the usual Wednesday downtime.

gaeas cradle mtgoWith the increased emphasis on Legacy, June's Magic Online Championship Series promotional card, Gaea's Cradle, should be a nice little pick-up as well. Seeing as Elves has been putting up some solid results on the Legacy scene recently, and given the popularity and rarity of the Urza's Saga legendary land in casual formats in addition to Eternal ones, I'd go ahead and try to get my hands on a Cradle or four before they're all snatched up.

You can also just keep on drafting Vintage Masters and playing Sealed as well. In fact, Sealed DEs featuring Vintage Masters will be coming right along after the release events end. Starting July 2, Vintage Masters Sealed DEs will be coming to a computer screen near you.

Vintage Masters Championships

And there's an even bigger stage for Vintage Masters, with one heck of a prize pool to go along with it: Vintage Masters Championships. Vintage Masters Limited Championship Qualifiers and Vintage Masters Constructed Championship Qualifiers are coming in mid-August. We don't have full details of the events themselves, but we do know first prize for both: a full foil playset of Vintage Masters, a full non-foil playset of Vintage Masters, 15 Vintage Masters booster packs, and 15 Qualifier Points (or QPs).

Vintage Masters Payout Packs

To round out the updates Vintage Masters brings to Magic Online, all Legacy and Vintage Constructed events will award Vintage Masters booster packs beginning on June 11!

In Conclusion

I'm not a MTGO scientist, so I have no idea whether or not the payouts in the Vintage Daily and Premier Events are going to appease the ravenous serial MTGOer. I do know that the huge top-end of the Championships events makes me think they want players to love the entire experience, and not just have to slog through less than stellar events just to get their hands on Time Walks.

Of course, Vintage Masters was always going to be a home run in my book. I mean, how could it not?

Mox Ruby's in it!


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