I know some of you are familiar with the Market Watch series I’ve been doing on, but for those of you who may not be, each week I try to look at one particular thing in Magic finance to break down. This week I decided to go with Conspiracy, and break down the singles […]

After a long build-up and a slow reveal of Dack Fayden, we’re finally here. Lots of anticipation led to the cracking of many boosters of the highly-hyped Conspiracy set, and I was lucky enough to open up an Exploration myself (except it was for a friend’s draft, so that was a little less fun). But seriously, drafting […]

A lot has been made of Wizards’ newest set, Conspiracy. We’re all looking forward to drafting it and playing with the sweet new cards. And, of course, Dack Fayden. The idea of a new set with cool new mechanics made specifically for drafting and not for Standard or Eternal play is somewhat novel and definitely a lot […]

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