See How The “Humphries Cheat” Works in This Video

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The community is abuzz with the latest cheating scandal from last weekend. I'm sure aficionados of shady play will say this method has been around for a while, but it's the first time I've seen it done by someone who knows what they're doing. And even when word first got out and I knew there was something to watch for, it took a few viewings and some well-timed stills to really catch the cheat in action.


Yesterday, Chad Aldrich posted a great video showing exactly how the cheat works and how it is done. He shows us slowly what's going on, then performs it at normal speed. The camera is placed from the vantage point of where you would be if playing against him. Again, even knowing that something shady is happening, it's not necessarily easy to catch.

Remember: when in doubt, call a judge. If your opponent appears to be looking at your deck, especially if he or she is shuffling with the cards visible, you should be at attention to watch for this kind of shadiness. Skilled cheaters likely get away with it for years before being called out, so if something doesn't feel right, you may not be able to catch it by yourself. Call a judge and get a second pair of eyes on the situation.

Check out Aldrich's video below. It's well worth the time for anybody who plays any level of paper Magic.

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8 thoughts on “See How The “Humphries Cheat” Works in This Video

  1. Also to note.

    3.9 Card Shuffling
    Decks must be randomized at the start of every game and whenever an instruction requires it. Randomization is defined as bringing the deck to a state where no player can have any information regarding the order or position of cards in any portion of the deck. Pile shuffling alone is not sufficiently random.

    Once the deck is randomized, it must be presented to an opponent. By this action, players state that their decks are legal and randomized. The opponent may then shuffle it additionally. Cards and sleeves must not be in danger of being damaged during this process. If the opponent does not believe the player made a reasonable effort to randomize his or her deck, the opponent must notify a judge. Players may request to have a judge shuffle their cards rather than the opponent; this request will be honored only at a judge’s discretion.

    If a player has had the opportunity to see any of the card faces of the deck being shuffled, the deck is no longer considered randomized and must be randomized again.

    At Competitive and Professional REL tournaments, players are required to shuffle their opponents’ decks after their owners have shuffled them. The Head Judge can require this at Regular REL tournaments as well.

    So if you suspect your opponent may try this, you can request that a judge shuffle your deck during deck check. They may or may not oblige your request but if you give sufficient reasoning I doubt it would be a problem.

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