Retro Magic TV Ads

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Did you know that Magic used to advertise on TV? It's true! Check it out:

Listening to that background music, we're clearly in the '90s. Maybe Beck played Magic?

Maybe not Beck, but the game did have some celebrity spokespeople back in the day:

What did Kenny say?

There were a few lighthearted but kind of disturbing ones that took a more traditional view of the term "Research & Development":

"Beat your friends," indeed.

Obviously, these old ads are dated and kind of corny. But what I like about them is that they are attempting to evoke the feeling of this game being awesome to play:

Magic doesn't advertise on TV anymore (that I know of), instead using its promotional videos during pro tours and grands prix. We've lost the whimsical ads of the past, and instead get story-related promos that take themselves far too seriously. Who do these type of ads attract, anyway? Why does everything have to be epic?

Of course, the story-related ads have come a long way themselves. This Ice Age promotional video is truly something special:

If that doesn't make you want to play Magic, what will?

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