Morphs of Tarkir: A Visual Guide

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Before each new prerelease, the QS staff compiles a financial cheat sheet that we encourage players to print off and bring to their events.  This has become something of a tradition for us, and it's been really popular, so we were looking for ways to expand the "cheat sheet" offering.  We asked ourselves, "What information will every player need that is not readily available in a printer-friendly format?"

Many sleepless nights ensued, wracking our brains for the answer.

This common morph is an 8 point life swing waiting to happen.   Beware face-down Abzan creatures with 5 mana open.
This common morph is an eight-point life swing waiting to happen.

Just kidding.  The idea of a morph cheat-sheet was kind of a no-brainer when we asked the question above. Knowing your opponent's potential morphs by rarity, color, and morph cost is a huge advantage. We suggest doing your best to memorize at least the common and uncommon morphs, especially those that can flip for free.

Point of Order:  According to the Magic Tournament Rules* (sec 2.11 on Taking Notes), you may not use these during games, deckbuilding, or drafting.  You may use these between games and between rounds.  Excessive note review is considered slow play, so we suggest you pick the cheat sheet that you find most useful.  We have them sorted by color/wedge, flip cost, and rarity.  If you have any concerns about this, please verify with your event's judge. We strongly suggest you print each of these 2-page PDFs double-sided.

[PDF] KTK Morphs, By RARITY (Printable)

[PDF] KTK Morphs, By COLOR (Printable)



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Danny is a Cube enthusiast and the former Director of Content for Quiet Speculation.

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2 thoughts on “Morphs of Tarkir: A Visual Guide

  1. Not sure if it is just me, but both of these links, and the pdf link to the price guide bounce me back to the QS homepage when I attempt to open them. I have tried logged in and logged out, using chrome and IE, no difference. Always redirectls the link to

    I was however, able to open the link to the Spreadsheet version of the price guide, and print from there.

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