Brian Wong Steps Down as Limited Resources Cohost

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For almost a year and a half, Brian Wong has joined Marshall Sutcliffe every week to record Limited Resources, one of the most popular MTG-related podcasts being produced today. As of Friday, October 3, that partnership is no more. Citing personal reasons, Wong stepped down as weekly cohost of the cast, though he does offer some hope to his fans:


In no uncertain terms, Wong was a fantastic cohost for LR. His first episode, "Card Evaluation with Brian Wong," was a groundbreaking piece of content in the world of Magic strategy. Everyone even remotely interested in getting better at Magic, particularly Limited formats, should be sure to listen to that episode.

Wong taught listeners to draft control and beatdown decks. The combined knowledge of Sutcliffe and Wong combined beautifully to give format newcomers an overview of Cube.  If you ever wanted to get really good at sideboarding in Limited, Wong's discussion of sideboard strategy is a must-listen. And Wong didn't just help us get better at Magic—as his recent signoff compilation will prove, he made us laugh, too.


It's hard to understate how much Wong will be missed by fans of the show. But I'm not looking at his departure with a sky-is-falling mentality. Sutcliffe has demonstrated his proclivity for choosing strong cohosts to join him every week, and he himself is a large reason for the show's success, of course.

So who will be Wong's replacement? In a perfect world, I would love to see Luis Scott-Vargas into the role, but I imagine he has a little too much on his plate. Jon Loucks is available again, but having just started the Constructed Resources podcast, he may not want to split his focus. Kenji Egashira (aka @NumotTheNummy) has had guest spots on the show before and is certainly a prime candidate. And, of course, it could be someone we've never heard of, just like Wong was for so many people before May 2013.

Whoever is chosen, I'm sure LR has a bright future—especially given that we'll hear from O-BWong Kenobi again.

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Danny Brown

Danny is a Cube enthusiast and the former Director of Content for Quiet Speculation.

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