Goodbye MTGO Cube, Hello Legacy Cube

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So the MTGO Cube is being overhauled, and you can read all about it here. For those of you who hate to read, why are you on QS and why did you click this article? For those of you who just don't want to click on a link to Daily MTG (and who can blame you?), here's what matters from the post:

  • Randy Buehler, MTG Hall of Famer who left WOTC R&D back in 2009, was brought on as a consultant to lead the design of a new MTGO cube.
  • Buehler quickly determined that there should be a difference between the Holiday Cube (which features the Power Nine and other overpowered stuff) and the normal MTGO Cube (which has often just been a neutered version of the Holiday Cube).
  • The Holiday Cube will be run two or three times a year instead of just during the holidays (hooray!).
  • The normal MTGO Cube will not include any cards on the Vintage restricted list.
  • Given that Vintage cards won't be included, R&D has dubbed this list the Legacy Cube. It features only cards legal in Legacy.


  • Despite toying with the idea of a themed list, the design team decided a "Greatest Hits" cube was too awesome, so they stuck with that.
  • Non-interactive cards like swords, True-Name Nemesis, etc. were cut, but nothing was cut simply based on power level (so Jace, the Mind Sculptor remains).
  • The number of cards is decreased to 600, but the number of multicolor cards has increased. The cube will feel much more gold-oriented as a result.
  • A big goal was to "cut some of the chaff." This sounds great in theory, but reviewing the list suggests that there is more trimming required. Cutting Reckless Charge, at least, was a nice start.

Breakdown complete! The MTGO Cube list was certainly getting stale, so I'm looking forward to some drafts with the new build.

What cards are still in the cube that have no place there? Which cards should have been added but are needlessly absent? Sound off below, folks.

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Danny Brown

Danny is a Cube enthusiast and the former Director of Content for Quiet Speculation.

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