Stoking the Flames

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The Universe giveth, and the Universe taketh awayeth. It's been a strange week in Magic.

Yesterday I posted about WotC hooking up a young player who had just attended her first GP. Tears were shed and everyone had a case of the feel-goods for the rest of the day. However, Ka is a wheel and there was another opportunity for the shedding of tears.

This is no ordinary, run of the mill car fire. This car may look like just another late-model sedan but it also doubled as a Magic card storage unit. When the car caught fire, most of the cards didn't survive, including a collection of every creature with the type "cat". You can see a fat pack box on the floor, there.

No one was injured in the blaze apart from Kemba and company. Redditor /u/AuroraPanthera made a full post about the incident today and it's truly a sad day for all of Magicdom.

Remember, unless you have a bizarre form of renter's insurance that covers your car only and not your domicile, you may not want to keep cards in your car. I hear a story a week about a car being broken into and cards being stolen from it. Changes in temperature can warp foils or make cards stick together. And sometimes your mother borrows your car and brings it back on fire. Keep your cards in your house, folks.

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Jason Alt

Jason Alt is a value trader and writer. He is Quiet Speculation's self-appointed web content archivist and co-captain of the interdepartmental dodgeball team. He enjoys craft microbrews and doing things ironically. You may have seen him at magic events; he wears black t-shirts and has a beard and a backpack so he's pretty easy to spot. You can hear him as co-host on the Brainstorm Brewery podcast or catch his articles on He is also the Community Manager at and writes the odd article there, too. Follow him on Twitter @JasonEAlt unless you don't like having your mind blown.

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