[MTGO] 1 Year, 100 Tix – January Report

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Here we are! One month of this project has already passed and it's time for a first assessment.

Thank you to the 375+ followers that joined me on Twitter (@100T1Y and #100T1Ychallenge) for this project.

Before we dig deeper into this first report, I have a bonus for those of you who are not yet QS Insiders. We will be unlocking an article from the Nine Months of Portfolio Management series in each report of the 100 Tix 1 Year project.

This week, Part 2 - Data Analysis is unlocked. In this article, I present and discus-- with several graphs and charts--the raw data extracted from the nine months of investment. It gives you a global idea of how things went for all the different positions of the Primary and Secondary Portfolios.

154.51 Tix, 11 Months

After one month, the account is now worth 154.51 Tix--a combination of cards and Tix. This is a very good start, mostly due to Modern Masters flash back drafts. Here is a summary of the account as of January 31st.

Below is a graph showing the evolution of the value of the account, evaluated twice a month. The value of the account is expressed in Tix and calculated as follows: number of free Tix + 90% of MTGO Traders selling prices for the cards on the account. The credit spread out on different bots is not accounted for.

I stuck to my strategy and invested exclusively in cyclic positions--i.e. Modern positions--and none of my current positions represent more then 4% of my total bankroll.

Also, 25 to 30% of my bankroll is still in the form of free Tix that I'll try to put to use with quick flips during the Pro Tour this weekend.

Transactions Summary

My very first purchase was three MMA Spell Snares.

On January 1st, thanks to the first wave of MMA flashback drafts, the price of this counterspell was pretty low. Even with a second wave of MMA drafts, this card was still a good pick up. The price, however, spiked sharply right before MMA drafts were again available.

Knowing that the price would fall again, I sold my copies for a decent profit (+66%). For the first profit made, this move ended up being a quick flip rather than a regular investment. Being flexible with your investments if they spike faster or sooner than expected is a key factor for any good speculation.

Gifts Ungiven is other card I sold this month. Although its price might go higher during because of the Pro Tour, the price of Gifts Ungiven reached my expectations, so I took my profit and moved on.

In the quick flips section, the only other real quick flip I attempted was with two copies of Anafenza, the Foremost during the weekend of GP Omaha. This was not a big success, as I ended with a microscopic gain of 0.20 Tix. That's perfectly okay, as that's the way it goes with quick flips--great variability of profit with extremely low risks.

As tweeted, I spent a little bit over 70 Tix in 25 different positions. All 23 of the positions I still hold are currently very positive. The best window to sell many of them is approaching, which should be this weekend with the Pro Tour.

I'll for sure sell those that spike and may wait until later this month for the others.

Bots & Credits

To invest these 100 Tix to get the best buying and selling prices, I traded with several bot chains. As of now, I have traded with 14 different bot chains and I have about 2 Tix in the wild.

From experience, I knew which bots consistently offered great prices and which I'm likely to come back to frequently. Especially for very cheap cards such as Ethersworn Canonist, I don't want to leave 0.8 Tix in the form of credits with bots I'm not sure to come back to. These 0.8 Tix may not represent much, but spread over dozens of bots, it significantly decreases the power of a very small bankroll.

What's Next?

I plan on selling all my positions in February, most likely during or just after the Pro Tour, hopefully with even higher gains than now. I'll also try to make some profitable quick flips this coming weekend, as Pro Tours are the ideal events for that.

As for my next targets, I'm not sure yet what they will be. Maybe more Modern positions that making a showing during the February MOSC season. Perhaps some Standard cards that could rise thanks to a metagame modification with Fate Reforged.

Whatever I do, it will be on Twitter at @100T1Y that very next minute.


Thanks for reading and following,

Sylvain Lehoux

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Sylvain Lehoux

Sylvain started playing Mtg in 1998 and played at competitive level for more than 10 years including several GP and 3 PT. When he moved to Atlanta in 2010 for his job he sold all his cards and stopped "playing". In 2011 he turned to Mtg Online and he experimented whether it was possible to successfully speculate on this platform. Two years later and with the help of the QS community his experience has grown tremendously and investing on MTGO has proven to be greatly successful. He is now sharing the knowledge he acquired during his MTGO journey! @Lepongemagique on Twitter

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4 thoughts on “[MTGO] 1 Year, 100 Tix – January Report

  1. Great job with the portfolio and a really educational series. You are demonstrating your skill with the MTGO market and it is a pleasure to learn from your actions.

  2. Would it be possible to get your list of bot chains? I usually cant find your prices in any bot that I have looked at. (even just min after your twitter post)

    1. I’ll post the bots I’m using, if it fits in a tweet. Sometimes I’m using several different bots especially when buying more than a playset.

      I’m surprised you don’t find “my prices” since I’m not using the best bots most of the time for credits issues (I rather pay a little bit more and make sure I’ll use the bot again).

      Another possibly is that when I’m using the cheapest bot there’s simply not more card available at that price, next copies will be more expensive.

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