A Standard Deck for the Player Who Likes All the Best Things

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When I say "best things," I'm talking casting Treasure Cruise with buyback, gaining life off your burn spells, and getting maximum value from every card you play. One of the ways I keep up most with the Standard metagame is through Jared Yost's column "Weekly Magic" over at Brainstorm Brewery.  Another thing I follow religiously are the videos Luis Scott-Vargas puts out at ChannelFireball.

So I was surprised to note when I read through Yost's column this week that the Jeskai Tokens deck piloted by LSV in a recent video on Channel Fireball was nowhere to be seen at the top tables last weekend. The deck looks remarkably powerful, so I would be surprised if it didn't start seeing more play. Lots of cool cards in this main deck:

I don't always think Standard decks look fun to play, but this one looks fun to play. Check out LSV piloting it through an MTGO event here:

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