Tiny Tuesday- Shu Yun Control

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Jeskai has a lot to offer in Tiny Leaders. If you want to play a tempo deck, you get access to tons of cards that are great in Legacy. Using these cards as a baseline, you could easily set up a powerful tempo deck:

That said, in a format like Tiny Leaders I both dislike Delver of Secrets due to the fact that the card loses a lot of value when you don't have it turn one, and because it's not cool enough. If I'm going to play Jeskai in Tiny Leaders, then I want to fit these cards into my deck:

Entreat the Angels and Bonfire of the Damned are the only miracles that you can play in Tiny Leaders, and as such they're very close to the ceiling on power level for individual cards in the format. Playing them without Brainstorm diminishes their power level, and Shu Yun, the Silent Tempest is the only leader that lets us run this trifecta.

This is my preferred home for Shu Yun:

Shu Yun and Stoneforge Mystic combine pretty well in some regards, though Shu Yun and Sword of Fire and Ice don't work great together, as you can't give double strike to something already wearing the sword. That said, it's just the most powerful equipment in the format. I like the idea of having different swords in the sideboard though.

Trinket Mage is awesome in this deck, as it helps us find Sensei's Divining Top to float our miracles or Engineered Explosives to blow up basically anything that you need to. The Academy Ruins lets us keep setting up Explosives, and the miser's Ancient Den gives us a third target for our Mage- which can sometimes be our first choice if we need white mana for whatever reason.

Dream Cache might be too cute, but I like having another way to put cards from my hand back into my deck in case I draw Entreat or Bonfire. It's possible that between Top, Brainstorm and Mystical Tutor that the deck has enough miracle support, but for now I'm happy to give Dream Cache a try.

Building this deck is kind of tough, because the Jeskai wedge offers a lot of powerful options. It's noteworthy that Shu Yun is the only Tiny Leader available for the Jeskai, and seeing as it is an enemy wedge I don't anticipate more options showing up for some time. It's possible that a more tempo-oriented shell that better incorporates him as part of the deck's strategy is the way to go, but there's a lot more raw power and plenty of things to like in my build.

5 thoughts on “Tiny Tuesday- Shu Yun Control

  1. Ditto on the Dream Cache. When I’m tooling around in the casual 60 card realm, I always come across this card as an awesome way to dig deep while being able to stack my library if I need to. I pick up Dream Cache to supplement Brainstorm (or replace it for the lols) in decks that care about the top, like Skill Borrower or Impromptu Raid decks. It’s an oldie but a goodie.

    Heck, it wasn’t a few months ago i was asking myself why on Earth Dream Cache wasn’t played in Modern. Only then did I notice it hasn’t been reprinted in that format. For shame!

  2. I don’t see why you would want a mans rock over making a land drop in this deck. You cast Blie Suns Zenith after you’re out of land drops anyway, and there’s only a couple spells that are mana hungry in the deck/format.

    I think that sphinxes rev and blue sun’s zenith is an either scenario not a both, and I’d rather have readability in the 25 life format. I could see boarding a rev though.

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