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Social media can be used for so many different things. High school students use it to make it seem like they live in the most epic drama on TV, celebrities use it to promote their latest products, and Magic players like us use it to network and find out what's happening in the community. I love Twitter because I can use it for this purpose. We talk about #mtgfinance, follow events, and it gives us limited access to what the best players in the world are saying about the game.

One thing I always look forward to on Twitter is @TheSundry's #Boxreport. Don is a friendly Magic card dealer who is always active in the Twitterverse. Every time a new set is released, he catalogs what he opens and posts the results for the community to analyze. It's so much fun seeing what other people are opening.

On release day, players gather at their local gaming store to open packs together, look at each other's sick mythics and foils, and then do some trading. If you've haven't started showing up with a trade binder on release day, you're missing out. There is so much potential to trade with players you've never seen before at events. They will happily trade you the new hotness for a pile of Commander staples from your binder or whatever cards they didn't open that they were seeking.

Even competitive players participate in this extravaganza and use it to trade for cards they need immediately. Not every shop has this atmosphere, but check around and you should be able to find a hot spot in your area.

The #Boxreport is like the gathering of players all opening their packs at the same time except it can be accessed while you are at work or out with your girlfriend.

It's a way to see the general layout of what a box will look like. You can take the data and use it as your financial basis to determine your purchases. Not every box will be the same, but once you look at a bunch of boxes and how they are laid out, you will get a sense of what yours might look at. You can be sure when a set is released, Don is there to give us some exciting information.


Don is great about giving us all the details. He will show us any patterns he notices and I have a lot of respect for his honest opinions. Take a look at what some of his #boxreport posts look like.


So, what do you think? Are box reports helpful to you? Would you like to start seeing people posting theirs online too? Will this tool help you decide if Modern Masters 2015 is worth investing in?

I'll be talking about this topic more in depth in my article this week, so be sure to check back for more information and how I've fleshed out his process a little more.

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Mike Lanigan
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Mike Lanigan

Mike Lanigan is high school math teacher by day and a shop owner by night. His tournament grinding may have slowed a little, but his love of the game has not. Mike's goal is to bring you a mix of perspectives from shop-owner insights to finance tips to metagame shifts and everything in between.

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One thought on “The #Boxreport

  1. Love ’em. In lieu of box reports, I have, in the past, run monte carlo simulations to see what an “average box” really looks like. It’s helpful to know the probability distributions of getting a great or shitty box 🙂

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