Deck Overview- Hangarback Abzan

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There was a lot of excitement around GP Detroit this weekend, and rightfully so! The Top 4 was insane! Meanwhile, there was a pretty good show happening in London, too. A lot of players have started jamming Hangarback Walker in their Abzan deck, and four of them made Top 8, with a fifth player playing Hangarback Walker in the Top 8 as well. It's rare that you see a deck completely dominate a GP like this and put two copies in the finals, and winner Fabrizio Anteri's list is worth paying attention to:

With Hangarback Walker proving itself as a very powerful card in recent weeks, it was only a matter of time before it was absorbed by the good cards deck. Abzan Charm and Dromoka's Command even synergize with Hangarback by putting counters on it, with Command even making you able to fight it and kill it for when you want thopters and Charm doubling as a great answer to opposing Walkers. Anafenza generates good value with Hangarback as well.

With only one Hero's Downfall in the list and Fleecemain lion being the only creature from Theros, it's entirely possible that a deck very similar to this will continue to be a presence in Standard even after the launch of Battle for Zendikar.

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