Deck Overview- Modern Slivers

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While it isn't surprising to see Collected Company showing up in Modern, sometimes the decks that it shows up in are. This isn't the first time that I'd heard the notion of Modern Slivers, but the deck making Top 8 of the Modern Open this weekend in Cincinnati definitely put it on the map in a new way. I can't speak to all of them, but the numbers here suggest that Adam Bowman put a good amount of time into this list:

Monastery Siege is a card that Merfolk has been adopting to beat Lightning Bolt, and Slivers gets the advantage of having this effect tacked on to Diffusion Sliver. It's worth noting that this ability only triggers in play, so if you're worried about targeted removal but not sweepers then you might consider casting main phase Collected Company in search of Diffusion Sliver as a way to preempt removal. The two Blur Sliver and the selection of lords also offer incentives to main phase your CoCos.

I'm not sold on running so many Sedge Sliver and so few Leechridden Swamp, though the reward is definitely real and you still get a 2/2 sliver out of the card even if you haven't yet found a Leechridden Swamp.

This deck definitely has more problems with Blood Moon than Merfolk, though the four Manaweft Sliver pull some weight there. They also make turn three Collected Company possible.

2 thoughts on “Deck Overview- Modern Slivers

  1. I have been heavily focusing on modern slivers for about 8 months now.In the interest of keeping it brief, I will focus on my speculation of the article.

    1.) I get the strength of Blood Crypt with sedge sliver is great. At that, Why play windswept heath at all? There are no plains in the mana base and it obviously cant find Blood Crypt.

    2.) This one is mostly a request for information.
    Would it possible to publish a side board guide for this list? some things are obvious but I would love to see the designers mind on meta match-ups.

    Thanks a ton.

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