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Oath of the Gatewatch is continuing to make its presence known in Standard, and no card is seeing more play than Reflector Mage. Perhaps the most interesting take on a Reflector Mage deck came in Andy Ferguson's second place Bant Company deck.

Ferguson's deck is intent on casting Collected Company and finding six mana worth of creatures, which isn't itself a novel idea. Choosing Bounding Krasis as a three drop to play a tempo game alongside Reflector Mage is. The Krasis didn't look extremely impressive from the booth this weekend, but I admire the idea, and the flash on the frog lizard plays well with the Ojutai's Commands.

Sylvan Advocate isn't a three drop, but it does offer most value than most three drops when you control six lands. 4/5s are huge in a world of 2/3s, and the ability to pump up the four Lumbering Falls isn't something to be discounted, especially with the tempo creature package.

Ferguson's build also have some value lying in the Deathmist Raptor/Den Protector Package. This didn't come up a ton on camera this weekend, though it is the sort of thing that helps you grind out removal heavy decks.

Ultimately, Ferguson lost to Rally the Ancestors in the finals. His deck relies on the ability to win on the board and Dispel any Rallies or Collected Company out of the Rally deck in this matchup, which is going to be a struggle when the Rally deck has draws that just commit to playing on the board.

Both finals lists were playing four Collected Company and four Reflector Mage this weekend, and I don't think that this is by accident. Now that Ferguson's deck is a known quantity, it will be interesting to see if it stays in the metagame and how it evolves.

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