Brewing with SOI- Zombie Aristocrats

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Christian Calcano's Dimir Aristocrats deck never took off in a big way, which was likely due to the poor comparison between it and the Rally the Ancestors decks. With Rally rotating out, many of the cogs in Calcano's deck are leaving as well, though the most impressive synergies maintain intact.

Given the right support, I have to imagine that a shell featuring these four cards will have some real explosive potential in Standard. Seeing as Nantuko Husk happens to be a zombie, it might be worthwhile to explore the zombie tribe as the supporting cast. Diregraf Colossus definitely has the potential to generate a lot of value in the right deck, and playing Liliana makes Prized Amalgam a strong consideration. I like something like this as a starting point:

Playing Shambling Ghoul over Hangarback Walker could just be wrong, though you just need zombies to make Relentless Dead and Diregraf Colossus matter. With the deck configured this way you hinge very heavily on synergy, with From Under the Floorboards really being your only card that comes at a great rate on its own. Of course, the real dream is to madness a big From Under the Floorboards with Liliana.

The zombie shell warrants testing, though if it ends up playing out in a clunky manner then subbing in Hangarback Walker and Jace Vryn's Prodigy is another direction to take this deck. That build would have a more consistent power level, though the assumption is that this build is more powerful when it's firing on all cylinders.

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