Deck Overview- Standard Izzet Tempo

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Fevered Visions initially showed up in Standard as a sideboard card in Goggles control, and has seen some maindeck play in the same archetype. I don't care for the card as a maindeck inclusion in a control deck, though Tomoharu Saito came up with an awesome deck that capitalizes on the card's damage dealing ability in an aggressive shell. Some of the card's may look questionable, though his 12-3 record at Grand Prix Minneapolis demonstrates the list's potential.

A critical mass of 2/1 fliers for two doesn't seem like a solid base for a constructed deck, though the red spells help convert chip shots from these creatures into game wins. I've been playing Stratus Dancer in Standard, and that one is actually a powerful card in its own right independent of this deck's tempo game plan.

The 2/1 fliers aren't exceptional cards, but they don't have to be. They're basically picking up the slack for the fact that there aren't red spells in Standard that provide the early game necessary to close games with Exquisite Firecraft and Goldnight Castigator.

Goldnight Castigator is a card that I identified early on as being very powerful despite the drawback, and Saito's inclusion of the full four in the maindeck supports this claim. It's unclear at this point whether this will continue to be a deck, though I don't think this is the last we'll see of Castigator, and I like picking some up at the current price of a $1-2.

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