Insider: MTGO Cards to Buy, Sell or Hold

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Hello, MTGOĀ investors!

I am Nicolas Cancellara and this is my first article for Quiet Speculation. I am 28 years old from Argentina with more than 10 years of experience in the Magic Online trading market.

In my early days of MTGOĀ I used the trading feature to earn enough tix to play the game, and I have been dealing ever since, until it become my main source of income. I own 500+ accounts onĀ MagicĀ OnlineĀ and I use a sort of human-bot dealing chain. I also have a little experience with online forex trading, which complements MTGOĀ finance very well. Right nowĀ I am participating in the Battle of Tix, anĀ MTGOĀ finance competition being hosted by Cardhoarder, which I recommend taking aĀ look at if you haven't already.

I will be writing a series of weekly articles where I analyze a pool of cards and rate them buy, sell or hold. Remember that there is no 100% guaranteeĀ in any financial market, and the MTGOĀ world is no different---that is why it's called speculation.

I will give my personal opinion for each card based on my experience and vision. It will be a helpful guide if you are starting to invest but you shouldn't blind-mimic my actions. You must understand what you are doing and why because it will allow you to make correct decisions when the scenario changes abruptly, which is quite often in the MTGO market.

Let's get started!

Ancestral Vision

Even though this card has beenĀ unbanned in Modern, the real price modifier these days is the Legacy format. Legacy leagues start this Wednesday and the card has already spiked, too much and too quicklyĀ in my opinion.

Sure, it couldĀ go even higher with the increasing demand of Legacy events. But we have no price history andĀ this is the first time we see this card reacting to demand. We couldĀ also see a price adjustment due to the fastĀ spikeĀ and a subsequent drop inĀ price. Holding isĀ not a terribleĀ decision, but the lack of historicalĀ information makes itĀ not worth the risk.

Verdict:Ā Sell

Collected Company

collected company

This card's most glorious days have passed. Make noĀ mistake, Collected Company isĀ still as powerful as its first day but leaving the Standard format soon will crash its price. Even if it's still heavily played after the release of Eldritch Moon,Ā theĀ resistance line will be very strong.

Verdict: Sell


wasteland ema

If you decide to invest in this card I recommend the Eternal Masters edition because it's the cheapest one and the supply ends this Wednesday. Investing in eternal-only formats is risky on MTGO and it rarely pays off, but the hype surroundingĀ the format these days is real.

I wouldn't buy the card because I don't know how much the price will rise---a moderate gain might not cover the cost of the spread. On the other hand, the price shouldn't go any lower; even if you don't find a good price to sell itĀ soon, it can go up with time.

Verdict: Hold

Shambling Vent

shambling vent

Staples lands are one of the most solid bets. Shambling Vent has been bouncing between 2 and 3 tix and the supply from drafting has ceased. Also a new Standard is around the corner which will increase demand. Easy callĀ here.

Verdict: Buy

Mystic Gate

mystic gate

Shadowmoor flashback drafts ended just a few days ago, and as with every flashback draft they crashed all the prices in the set.Ā As we can see in the image above, we missed the 3 tix bottom, but 4 a piece is still good to make a profit. The only problem I see with this card is that it doesn't see much play in Modern right now, so it could be aĀ long-term investment.

Verdict: Buy


That's all for this week, folks.Ā I would love to hear your feedback about this series and which cards you want me to write about in subsequentĀ articles. You can reply in the comments below or find me on Twitter @Magic4everMTGO.

Wish you a great week, and thanks for reading!

9 thoughts on “Insider: MTGO Cards to Buy, Sell or Hold

  1. Ey welcome and nice article. I’ve been missing some series like this that point certani cards, so these are great news for speculators. Those were quite few šŸ™ Hope next one comes with a bunch of ideas more! šŸ™‚

  2. Welcome Nicolas! I like the Shambling Vent pick and actually put some into the Market Report portfolio this morning. Between Gisela and Liliana, Black and White got some objectively powerful cards in EMN.

  3. Great piece, welcome to QS. This first article is very solid, i like it allot, the “verdict” section was also very good šŸ™‚ thanks!

  4. Nice article Nicolas! And welcome!

    I love the single card analysis. I’m also in for some Shambling Vents.

    Great to see someone join the ranks for MTGO, to add to what Matt and Sylvain already deliver on that front. It’s the only place I play/speculate, so it’s all I’m here for.

  5. Hi Dan, welcome to QS, this was exactly the content I was looking for. How do you expect Prized Amalgam to perform in the medium time? Looking forward to read more from you in the next weeks. Thanks,

  6. Great to have you on board, Nicolas! I’ve been a fan of your work on the Battle of Tix competition and it’s awesome to have your analysis here.

  7. Hi Nicolas!

    Great to see your MTGO spec thoughts on QS! I’ll be very interested in hearing more about your strategy(ies), after-thoughts and comments on your journey through Battle of Tix. It looks like Joe and you heading to really great finishes and it would be an awesome piece of info to have your perspective on that type of context. Tripling a 500 Tix bankroll in 3 months (as it seems you will do so) is rather impressive.

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