Deck Overview- Standard Izzet Burn

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There were some awesome decks in the Top 8 of PT Eldritch Moon, though plenty of innovative and powerful decks posted great records without making the elimination rounds. The one that speaks most to me is the Thermo-Alchemist deck that Pedro Carvalho piloted to a 9-1 record. There are some... interesting elements, though it's hard to argue with a 9-1 record at the Pro Tour.

A lot of players are pretty excited about Unsubstantiate, though I am skeptical of the card in the abstract. It looks like it plays very well with Fevered Visions though, and really Fevered Visions seems to be the most important card for this strategy. The damage output is of course important, but the Howling Mine effect is paramount to enable red removal to keep up with the threats of the format. Given this importance, the maindeck Dispels seem quite important for countering Dromoka's Commands. Should this deck see success going forward, I would expect to see Visions increase in price.

Collective Defiance is a really interesting card, and I have to imagine that this deck tries to go out of its way to make sure the Lava Spike mode is activated even when hitting a creature is important. For the purpose of going upstairs, it does less damage than Exquisite Firecraft, though when cast for four it is dealing seven total. I am curious about the Wheel of Fortune ability, which is clearly good when you have a bunch of mana and some Fiery Temper in hand, though the card is plenty playable without this mode.

I played a build of Goggles control at SCG Regionals that was wholly unimpressive, though there were elements that I liked. Losing to Bant Company felt impossible, and I was really happy playing the full set of Take Inventory. The first thing I would do with this deck is work that card in. I don't know if or when I'll be playing this Standard format again given that it's Modern PPTQ season, though one way or the other I imagine that I'll be trying this deck out on MTGO.

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