Stock Watch- Greater Gargadon

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Dredge has become increasingly more popular in Modern since the release of Shadows Over Innistrad, with Prized Amalgam breathing new life into the archetype as it were. Various builds of the deck have shown up in Modern Leagues with few results in live events, though that's starting to change. With a win in the Baltimore Classic, this build has been generating a lot of hype:

Justin O'Keefe may not be the person who innovated this list, though his finish is certainly getting the deck more attention. Prices in dredge cards have been creeping up in value, and supply of cards for Modern Dredge has been declining online. Greater Gargadon in particular has doubled up recently, and with the consensus list being the Gargadon list at this point I expect this growth to continue. It's a $5-6 card right now, and I expect it won't take too long before it's a $10.

Big Gargs is a Cube card too, and foil copies are also quite attractive. As for the ceiling of the card, it's hard to say without being able to predict the deck's future tournament results. A strong showing on camera is all it will take for the deck to really take off though.

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