Insider: MTGO Cards to Buy, Sell or Hold – Episode 11

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Welcome back investors! As I'm writing this, I'm struggling with the last Magic Online update and already missed a few investments I would have liked to make. Fortunately, it's a coincidence that prices haven't changed much in the last two days - it's been a bearish week - but this trend will change soon with the release of Kaladesh. This is the best moment to stock up on Standard cards before they start to rise because of the new metagame and the new demand it will create. With that in mind, this week I will cover exclusive Standard cards.

Let's check the five cards I have for this episode:

Nahiri, the Harbinger

Nahiri hasn't really been played in the current Standard metagame but has somehow managed to keep a high pricetag, thanks mainly to being a 4-of in Modern Jeskai. Nahiri could spike really high if she starts to see some play in Standard, but I dont think she would be able to maintain that high price. So I'm looking to close this position as soon as possible; first I will see how she performs in the first week. If nothing happens I will still hold her until the Pro Tour, if she is still unplayed I will try to close the position at any profitable price as soon as possible, or consider closing it for a loss to minimize the impact. But the potential is here for a big jump.
Verdict: BUY

 Thalia's Lieutenant


The best card in the Humans deck is at it all time low, both because of increased Limited offerings and because investors don't think the deck it fits in is very good right now. We can't know for sure what new decks will be played, and if at any point of the new Standard the deck is played or Thalia's Lieutenant finds a new home in another deck the price will rebound. Shadows Over Innistrad will be legal in Standard with Kaladesh and the next three sets to be released, so there's a long time to wait for a spike.

Verdict: BUY

 Thought-Knot Seer

Another powerful card that isn't played much in Standard but is a staple in Modern. Thought-Knot Seer is a card I want to have in my portfolio before the new metagame adjusts, and I'll be looking to close the position as soon as it sees a spike. But unlike Nahiri I like holding the eldrazi for a little longer if it is still unplayed after the Pro Tour.
Verdict: BUY

Distended Mindbender

Distended Mindbender was one of the most promising cards when Eldritch Moon was spoiled, and it is played in a few versions of the delirium decks but not much more. So many Limited events online crashed its price. I don't think we will be able to get it any cheaper and it's a good card to have in our portfolio. A new meta is a new chance for it to see more play and given that it's from EMN I wouldn't mind holding it for a longer time. You might not be interested in cards priced this cheap since you will have to buy multiples copies to make it worth the time, but they are very profitable investments from a percentage standpoint.
Verdict: BUY

Chandra, Flamecaller


Though she was cost 25 tix, Chandra, Flamecaller is not doing very well these days. Sitting at a dirt cheap 7.25, I still think she is one of the best sweepers in the new meta and is still an overall powerful card. I think she will bounce back to 10+ tix sooner rather than later. A great pre-Pro Tour speculation in my opinion.

Verdict: BUY


See you in the next episode! If you want me to write about a particular card just mention it in the comments below. Wish you a great week!

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