Stock Watch – Emrakul, the Promised End

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With regard to Standard, we are officially on the Collected Company farewell tour. Kaladesh isn't too far out, and with it will come major Standard shakeups, if only with regard to what is rotating out. Bant creatures start to look a lot more mopey without Collected Company, though notably Emrakul, the Promised End will still have a lot of support post-rotation.

Some great players are already claiming that the Emrakul decks are the best decks in Standard, though they are considerably more difficult to pilot than the Company decks which causes them to not necessarily put up as good of numbers. A low land count deck with Traverse the Ulvenwald and Grapple with the Past allows players to sort of cheat on deck building, which is clearly very powerful. Emrakul is basically the biggest way to end a game in such a shell, and many Emrakul decks are now playing as many as three copies when initial perception was that you could maybe play one or two.

Copies of Emrakul can currently be found for $18, and buylist prices are sitting above $15. That spread is insanely small, and when Company rotates I expect an uptick in players playing the Emrakul decks, however poorly, and with it an increase in the cards price. Emrakul is a very popular strategy among players at the World Championship this weekend, and as such it's possible that Emrakul gets a bump as soon as this weekend.

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